Friday, May 13, 2011

Muslims celebrating Trinamool victory oppress Hindus in Basirhat

Elections in any democratic setup happen to be both natural and sequential but that should not victimize commoners or polls would turn into a travesty. With the proclamation of West Bengal Assembly Election 2011, hell has fallen on the hapless Hindu villagers of Baligouri DangaPara, P.S. Minakha, Sub-division: Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North).

Surroundings of the village, dominated by Muslims, went into wild celebration once the results of the West Bengal Assembly Election 2011 (asserting landslide of Trinamool Congress) were announced today itself. And to celebrate the victory, a big procession of TMC (Trinamool Congress) containing no less than 100 Muslims marched in the village’s thoroughfare.

But the Muslim participants had some other design. To make the celebration more jovial the march attacked Hindu villagers of Baligouri DangaPara and destructed their belongings. Frail Hindu villagers had no way other than watching the same from some distance away. Fortunately, since Hindu women took shelter in the brawniest abode of village, they were saved for the time being.

Villagers are apprehending that more attacks can take place by today night. As Muslims are guarding the village, Hindus have not been able to file complaint to the nearby police station yet. Hindus are thinking of exodus for the moment.

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