Friday, May 6, 2011

Hindus in Usthi tame Muslim ruffians

There is an old saying that thieves do not listen to the counsels of wise individuals and hence, suffer all the time. Surely they can maintain better lives, if the same is done even for once. This old adage is applicable for the Muslim thugs living in and around P.S. Usthi, District: 24 Paraganas (South) in the Indian state of West Bengal, enjoying a steady presence and mounting strength of Hindu Samhati’s ideals and workforce, too. The recent incident goes around Pramatha Halder, a young man driving a motorcycle on 25 April, 2011 during the night. It was darkness as usual but the Muslim youths in the vicinity had other designs also.

They placed a cycle van halfway to offer him a strong resistance and accident of a Hindu man is always a good reason to cheer them up. But the situation proved to be otherwise; Pramatha managed to save himself and braved the thugs (some teens were also involved). All these led to exchange of abusive languages and warnings between the two groups.

Pramatha, on the next early morning, went to the nearby police station to file a complaint. Well, hesitation of the police to act aptly in this regard made him incensed and without delay, Hindu boys and men led by Hindu Samhati workers started demonstrating before the police station and blocking off the main thoroughfare before Dharmatala More in Yarpur. Having no other option police intervened and cautioned a few persons of the adjoining Muslim locality. Muslims got enraged and the extent of their anger was realized when in the same evening a brief altercation between the two communities led to a brawl.

The situation came to a halt with the timely intervention of Hindu Samhati workers. But the fiery mood of HS workers panicked police and administration even. To stop any deterioration of the situation, police called a meeting between the two communities next day.

The meeting was also a good revelation of growing Hindu strength. In the meeting, roughly 25 Muslims appeared but they were stunned by the presence of almost 200 Hindu men already.

Officer in Charge of P.S. Usthi warned the implicated Muslim men along with their guardians and also stated clearly that stringent measures would be adopted against them in any such incident in future.

Hindus came out of the police station victoriously chanting “Jai Sri Ram”.