Saturday, April 28, 2012

RAF deployed to inhibit Islamists’ efforts to seize vested land in Chingripota, Noongi

 Hindus apprehend Islamists planning to wreak havoc

Commotions and combats are not anything new in the area of Chingripota – Noongi, P.S. Maheshtala, District: 24 Paragnas (South) in the Indian state of Bengal. The entire area, being a stronghold of Islamists, has been a source of disturbance for the administration and people, in particular Hindus. However, there is a similarity; like other areas Islamists here also remain recklessly determined to steer clear of Hindus and hence, no opportunity is wasted ever to expel Hindus from the locality. Such an approach was perceived of late regarding a vehement dispute over 1 bigha vested land. 

It is to be noted, both Hindus and Muslims of the locality were using the same tract for their own purposes. However, as per sources, Islamists have prepared legal (sham) papers to get hold of the vast land. 

On April 15, 2012, Islamists, all of a sudden, were seen to erect a boundary wall around the very land. Hindus did go to the police station to complain against this treacherous act (as no party to the land was taken into consideration). Police, instead of adopting prompt measures to call the illegal act a halt, was found to waste time. At long last, being compelled by Hindus to intervene, police did turn up and put an end to the work. The wall was destructed and police asked both parties to opt for mutual settlements. And under the patronage of local administration, both Hindu and Muslim sections of the land were fenced.

But the situation, even after this, changed drastically soon. On April 26, 2012, Islamists were found to appear there once more but this time along with their own surveyors. They did demarcate the land once more without considering to talk to others. The incident was enough to enrage local Hindus but (being law-abiding citizens) before making any reckless attempt, they complained to police station. Police personnel, comprehending the gravity of the situation, rushed to the spot at this time.

Enragement among Hindus owing to continual audacity of Islamists has led to the rise of fear in the vicinity. Sri Dulal Das, chairman, Maheshtala Municipality, and also husband of Mrs. Kasturi Das, MLA of Maheshtala constituency, has visited the area for a number of times by now.  It has been learnt, owing to his insistence (to avoid any untoward incident) RAF has been deployed in the very area.

The entire area is under the protection of RAF at the moment, even if people apprehend that animosity will raise its ugly head once the force is withdrawn. 

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