Monday, April 23, 2012

Hindu Samhati’s standpoint of steel toughens Hindu struggles in Bansghata

Hindu Samhati’s exulting march was witnessed on April 21, 2012 once more when people in strength did attend its meeting at Bansghata village (around Indo- Bangladesh border), P.S. Bagda, District: 24 Paraganas (North).  It is needless to say that mounting Hindu persecution by Islamists in the vicinity has been the key reason to propel hapless Hindus there to call for Hindu Samhati.

There are quite a few strange factors as well. The village of Bansghata does contain a BSF camp. Nonetheless, personnel of the same camp failed outrageously a few weeks ago, when few hundred Bangladeshi Islamists sneaked into India, assailed Hindus viciously and ransacked the neighboring village of Sutia. Being precluded by the governmental order from New Delhi that BSF personnel are not allowed to fire a single shot in India-Bangladesh border area even, BSF jawans did not feel the need to go and save Indians from monstrous Bangladeshi Islamists.   

All these grievances did surface in the HS meeting at Bansghata village. But what surpassed all was the narration of the horrific experience of a little Hindu girl of 8 years. Thanks to the activities of one fearless woman activists of HS, Lipika, there, the little girl along with her mother came to the podium. The mother recounted the grievous incident of rape of her little daughter by an Islamist youth named Feroz Biswas (age 17) and how Islamists (in the neighborhood) along with police and local CPIM leadership are making efforts to squash the crime.

Tearful narration of the incident by the mother touched hearts of all and the entire audience was seen to burst to tears.   

Hindu Samhati is determined to have justice for the pitiable Hindu girl and struggle for Hindu interest across the globe and inflict crushing defeats on adversaries of Dharma.

This standpoint of steel reverberated round the meeting instilling a strong confidence among Hindus there.

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