Monday, April 23, 2012

Infiltrators terrorizes local habitant

The villagers of Ghuni Uttar Math under New Town police station at North 24 Parganas might not have it in their worst nightmares what they actually experienced on the second day of Bengali new year i.e. 15th April, 2012. The theory of universal fraternity and secularism, what they have been taught over the years by political leaders, were shattered as they experienced the true colour of Islamic barbarism.

It all started with a chaos over right to cultivate the land of HIDCO at Rajarhat-New Town area. The lands were being traditionally cultivated by local socially backward Hindu people and it was their only way for livelihood. But things were getting changed in the last few years with increasing number of Bangladeshi infiltrators who were allowed to settle there under active indulgence of administration as it could fetch them minority vote bank.  Slowly but steadily, local Hindu people were being cornered and infiltrators were gaining possession of everything belongs to them.

It is reported that on 15th April, there was a rift between two communities and as a result, Tapas Halder, S/O, Pijus Halder, Mamata Mandal (38 year) w/o, Mohan Mandal, and Rina Mandal (20 year) w/o, Tapas Mandal were attacked and mercilessly beaten up. The case took a new twist when victims made a representation to local leader Dibakar Mandal who in collusion with the attacker refused to help the Hindu victims. The attacker again came back in the night at around 10:30 and hijacked Tapas Mandal near a local bridge only to stripe him and beat him to unconsciousness. The local police was reluctant to take any action against the attack and it resulted in another attack on 17th April when the house of Tarun Halder was torched and gutted into ashes.

The matter was then brought under notice of Hindu Samhati and Sri Tapan Ghosh, the President of Hindu Samhati, rushed to the spot. He escorted the victims to local police station to file a FIR. Though the apparent behavior of the concerned officer was sympathetic to them but their real intention became quite vibrant when they requested to patch up the case mutually. But finally, on the insistence of Hindu Samhati, they agreed to lodge a FIR and till date only a single offender, Atiyar Khan, has been arrested.

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