Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hindu housewife raped in Canning

Police fails to trace Islamist rapist

Two mounting dangers are being witnessed at the same instant; while on one hand Islamists are being conciliated (lavish financial gifts to Imams being the latest) at every single moment, Hindus are being persecuted throughout Bengal and ravishment of a young Hindu housewife in Canning, District: 24 Paraganas (South) on March 30, 2012, adds salt to the gaping wound.    

Mrs. Daya Barman (age 20), Hindu housewife, lives with her husband Mr. Raj Kumar Barman (age 22), one daughter and son (newborn infant) at village: Bahir Bena (within the area of Dhalir Bati), P.S. Canning, District: 24 Paraganas (South).

On March 30, 2012, at 1.00 am, she was sleeping in the bed along with her children. Her husband, owing to scorching heat, was in the verandah and was asleep there as well. At that time, Sarafat Mandal, son of Sheikh Bahadur Mandal, entered the house sneakily, molested the Hindu housewife and then raped her.  While he was going out, Sarafat warned that there entire family would have dire consequences if the incident was leaked out.

Bemused Daya Barman could not answer him at that time. But it was not the end to Sarafat’s crime; he, after that episode, went to an adjoining Hindu house and tried to rape a young girl there.  However, desperate shouting of the girl prevented Sarafat’s nefarious approaches; finding no other way he escaped with a few jewelries and an amount of R.s 5000.

The clamor brought back consciousness into Daya; she burst into tears and informed her husband of the whole event. 

Without wasting any more moment, Rajkumar along with family members of the neighboring house and neighbors, went to the local police station.

Police and administration, as usual, were found to be reluctant to these hapless Hindus initially. Nevertheless, their insistence made police think and act otherwise.  P.S. Canning registered a case (Case no. 1943 dtd. 30.03.2012) lastly.

This is not the end; had the police become active to nab the Islamist felon, Sarafat Mandal, without delay, situation would have improved definitely.  Btu what has been found (till now) is nothing other than a strange leniency and also indifference to the case among the police personnel.

All these have boosted family of Sarafat; his uncle has twice visited Rajkumar’s residence and has been intimidating and also forcing the Hindu family to revoke the formal complaint.  

The couple is at a loss; they are running from pillar to post for justice.

It is alleged that Sarafat is in the same area even if the police has failed to trace him yet. 

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