Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Islamists beat innocent Hindu youth mercilessly in Hooghly

On April 12, 2012, at 4.30 pm, Uttam Santra and Dilip Santra (cousin of Uttam), inhabiting village: Majher Aat, Panchayat: Kumirmara village, Chanditala No. 1 Block, P.S. Chanditala, District: Hooghly, became victims of ferocious attacks of local Islamists while they were in the field to tend cows. Making such a common incident (tending cows) as a pretext, Basir Sheikh (nick name Bulun), son of Islam Uddin Sheikh, tussled with them.

Uttam Santra defended in return. Later, to retaliate, a large number of Islamists gathered, entered the Hindu area forcefully and after seizing Uttam, beat him black and blue. The condition of Uttam is serious yet and as per doctors, had he not been admitted to Chanditala Hospital and then to Srirampur Sub-divisional Hospital promptly, prospects of his life would have been bleak.      

The list of assailants includes: Osibar Sheikh (son of Islam Uddin Sheikh), Sheikh Mosiar Rehman (son of Sheikh Osiar Rehman), Hakim Sheikh Abdul (son of Rezzaq Sheikh Abdul), Sheikh Azgar Ali (son of Sabedali Sheikh) along with lots of others.  It has also come to the knowledge that Islamists of adjoining Bhagabatipur, Maniktala, Mollar Chak threatened to burn Hindus of Majher Aat village alive and molested Kanan Santra (wife of Uttam Santra).

Tension dominates the area, its vicinity and religious amity has become highly vulnerable.  


  1. what hindu samhati doing then? why they also not threatening them(muslim goons) that if they burn down a single house we will burn their whole community down.

    1. Pankaj,
      Ask yourself - What were you doing then? Writing comments on the internet?

      Have you helped Hindu Samhati defend such isolated villages by donating atleast 100 rupees each month ? Revolutions don't run on lip-service.

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