Saturday, June 23, 2012

Power of united Hindus forced the Muslim to bite the dust

It could have turned into an another story of Hindu torture by Muslim miscreants going with impunity at Tangra colony under Bangaon police station, but timely intervention of Hindu Samhati boys not only ensured the restoration of pride of the local Hindus but also forced the miscreant to bite the dust.

It all started in the morning of 22 June, 2012, when, Uttam Ghosh, a Hindu resident of Tangra, was harvesting jute in his field, cattle of Siraj Mandal (a Muslim localites) entered into his field and started destroying the corps.  Once Uttam Ghosh started driving the cattle away from his field, Siraj Mandal came to the field and after exchanging some filthy words, pounced on him. The matter did not end there, after completing the days work, when Mr. Ghosh was returning to his house, Siraj Mandal, again, attacked him and started beating him. Seeing this, wife and 11 year old daughter of Mr. Ghosh came to his rescue but Siraj did not even spare the lady and her little daughter and hit them hard dragging their hair.

After that Uttam Ghosh and his family made a representation to local Hindu Samhati workers. Volunteers of Hindu Samhati led them to police station to file a General Diary. Police advised them to amicably sort that out through a local meeting and escorted them to the meeting place.

At the meeting, Siraj Mandal, at first, denied all the charges but when insisted by Samhati volunteers and supported by witnesses, he accepted his fault and tendered his apology to Uttam Ghosh touching his feet. Local Muslims wanted to close the case at this point but considering physical injury of Uttam Ghosh caused by him, Hindu Samhati workers were not satisfied with mere apology and demanded compensation from Siraj Mandal. The demand of Hindu Samhati boys received huge support from local Hindus who turned up in huge numbers at the meeting. Finally, he succumbed to the united power of Hindus and agreed to pay all the bills incurred due to medical expenses of Uttam Ghosh.

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