Thursday, June 21, 2012

Islamist youth molests Hindu housewife in Subarnapur, Deganga

Subarnapur, P.S. Deganga, District: 24 Paraganas (North), happens to be an obscure village and if compared to the metropolis of Kolkata, it lags in each and every capacity. However, there is one horrific similarity between the two; Hindu women do remain unsafe in both spheres. While on June 8, 2012, a Hindu woman, wife of an army official, was raped by a Muslim cab driver in Kolkata, a Hindu housewife, on June 13, 2012, was brutally molested by an Islamist youth in Subarnapur.   

There are other similarities as well. Similar to the infamous Park Street rape case, local police, here, left no stone unturned to suppress the case of molestation. It has been learnt, second officer of the police station, professing same religion of the said perpetrator, happened to be instrumental in this regard. 

On the very day, the aforesaid Hindu housewife, mother of two children, was busy in the fields when on earth the Islamist criminal, Siddique Mandal (s/o Azet Mandal), age 20 years, attacked her with the sole intention of outraging her modesty. She, with all might, tried to resist the felon but being vulnerable to the attack raised an alarm. Finding it too difficult, Siddique, by means of handle of shallow pump, hit on her head and she started bleeding profusely.  

After a short time, she was found by the local Hindus but in a state of unconsciousness. Scratches were visible on her neck and finding her deteriorating fast, she was taken to a local doctor. She was fortunate enough to get stitches as a result.  Hindus, afterwards, went to the police station along with the victim’s son to lodge complaint. Even if police appeared to be reluctant in the beginning, they registered the complaint later owing to Hindus’ perseverance (FIR -379).

Second officer of Deganga police station visited the spot and had some evidences confirming the case of molestation. The wounded woman was taken to Kartickpur hospital but no D.N.A test was done there. Considering the seriousness of injury, she was advised to go to Barasat hospital but the hospital authority neither admitted nor treated her. She was taken to N.R.S Medical College and got treatment there.

On Sunday a few local Hindu men and women went to the police station since Siddique Mandal was not taken into custody till that time. They wanted to talk to the Officer-in-Charge but he was not available then. He talked to them over phone. When the Officer-in-Charge returned, he enquired about the matter. The 2nd officer told that the case was solved; nonetheless, local people were disgruntled with his observation and demanded apposite approaches.

Officer-in-Charge went to the village and assured Hindus of adopting all possible steps for justice.  

Siddique Mandal has been arrested but is yet to be brought before the court of law.

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