Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hindu clubs are under Threat from Muslim Elements in West Bengal

It’s as clear as daylight that Islamists are scared of Hindu organizations in Bengal and all these have made them to wage recurrent onslaughts on Hindu-dominated clubs. The vicious incident of Shrihatta in Hooghly is still fresh – Islamists stopped the refurbishment of a Hindu-dominated club, 30 years-old by now, there by claiming (falsely) that the renovation was going on in a Waqf property and it was done only after changing the map of very land; a perilous scheme enacted in cooperation with the local administration.

Now, there is another development – one more Hindu-dominated club, Young Staff, located in Durganagar, District: 24 Paraganas (North), has become prey to another spate of Islamic assault. 

The dreadful incident took place on June 20, 2012 at 11.30 am when local Islamists, devoid of an iota of provocation even, assailed Young Staff. It is to be noted that the club has been continuing for over 10 years at a stretch and is devoted to various social causes including rendering free education to children, free medical check up for poor people. 

Well, the attack (enough to raise eyebrows) was launched by Muslim women, perceived to hurl stones, followed by their male counterparts soon attacking the club with all kinds of deadly weapons. The attack was so abrupt that it led to helplessness among Hindus on the whole. What followed next was a complete destruction of the said club and inhuman thrashing of its Hindu members.   

It has come to the knowledge that two members of the club viz. Bappa Moili and Bapi Sarkar received heavy injuries. They were taken to G. Kar Hospital, Kolkata and is said to be in critical conditions at the moment. The other victims included Biplab Das, Suman Das, Diki Sen, Suman Ghosh,Shubha Sarkar, Bapon Goldar.

Hindus, in no time, lodged an official complaint to P.S. Dumdum containing names of 16 Islamists that includes Natu, Shahidul, Rabiul, Ahidul,Safi, Kuchkuchi, Kalo Chottu, Mantu, Raju, Bhoga, Bhutu, Muzaffar, Nantu,Santu, Puchun and  Iqbal.

Well, police was prompt enough to visit the spot and assure Hindus of adopting proper measures against the aforementioned Islamist toughs. Nevertheless, as expected, none of them has been arrested thus far. Fearing more disturbances, two police vans have been deployed in the locality. The situation in the vicinity (in a single word) is furious. 

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