Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No hope for Hindus in Mograhat

Administrative nonchalance aid Islamists to prevail

A stupendous rise in the number of Islamists in Mograhat block, District: 24 Paraganas (South) – in 1981 Hindus in Mograhat formed 87% of the entire populace but came down to mere 47% in 2001 – is no longer a talk of the town. What is being witnessed at the moment is a further decrease in their numbers and the void being filled by a momentous rise in Islamic communalism.  

A spate of recent incidents in Mograhat makes it easy for all to ascertain the ominous reality there. 

1)      North-east part of the canal, flowing alongside the Mograhat market, has been occupied by Islamists illegally and a grandiose mosque has been built there. What is more, microphones attached to the minarets of mosque are playing daylong harassing Hindus on the whole. The entire development happens to be a grievous design of Islamists to extend influence and nonchalance of administration gives a fillip to it only.  There is another point as well. Government of Bengal has annunciated recently “Jal Dharo, Jal Varo” – a policy to reserve water for its best use in future. How can a great part of canal be filled then?
2)      On the eastern side of Mograhat railway station, adjoining the railway track precisely, a majestic two-storied mosque (termed as namaz-ghar by Islamists) has been built creating a great difficulty for commuters. The pathway used by them, consequently, has come down to half. It has been learnt, top railway officials have visited the spot but any measure against the illegitimate building is yet to be adopted.
3)      A magnificent mosque has been built at the crossing of Goruhata (between the road from Mograhat to Bangla More). Albeit the land belongs to Muslims, the amazing speed in which the entire construction has been completed has made locals skeptical of the entire project and the fund behind it.
4)      This story belongs to Gokarni Panchayat in Mograhat – when it was dominated by CPIM a few years back. A  few Muslim families (termed as refugees) were placed there by the then party in power. And by now the same number has increased to a few hundreds, although what made them refugees is yet to be known. It has come to the knowledge, Muslim families there are planning to build up a mosque there by filling up a nayanjuli. And this is certainly illegal in every sense of the term.

Harishankarpur happens to be an obscure village under P.S. Mograhat and was known to revel the native fair of Ghorachut for decades. However, Islamists have brought the fair to an end. The two previous fairs were highly disturbed by Islamists from adjacent villages and indifference of local administration gave them an easy edge. Police has denied outright to help Hindus in any way.  

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