Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Islamists thrashed heavily in Basanti

Whether it is Puja or any other celebration of exclusively Hindu form, it happens to be an eyesore to Islamists and no stone is left unturned to spoil it. This is not any new development but has been a part of Islamic tradition – in short, its perennial attribute that can be throttled only if combatants of other religion get stimulated and offer stiff resistance.  

It was May 14, 2012 when a Shiva Puja took place under the auspices of 4 Hindu families of Ojhapara in village: No. 7 Kumrakhali, P.S. Basanti, District: 24 Paraganas (South). Necessary permission for making use of sufficient electricity was also there and hence, electric lines were attached to the plinth of Puja. Everything was fine but on May 24, 2012 at 10.30 am the electric supply got disconnected all of a sudden.   When inquired it was found that students of nearby Madrasa were solely instrumental behind the incident. Two Hindu youths, Swapan Ojha and Toton Ojha, went to the Madrasa and brought back the electric wire forcibly.

When they returned to Ojhapara, several discussions were going on between the Hindu youths and at that time Toton Ojha stated that perhaps students of Madrasa are more apt in all such nefarious designs to perturb Hindu families in particular. An Islamist youth, Ziarul Naia, heard this, started to admonish Toton and also thrashed him. Hindu youths of Ojhapara got enraged as a result and to save Toton, they thrashed Ziarul as well. Gautam Ray, another Hindu youth, turned out to be the interlocutor at this time and got successful to bring the fast worsening situation to a close.  It was decided that guardians of both families would resolve the issue before long.

But Ziarul was not ready to pardon Hindus in any way. This became most prominent when Satyen (Shibu) Ojha, while returning from tutoring students through a Muslim area (on the same day during night), was grabbed by Ziarul and his cohorts and was beaten black and blue. The information of such an inhuman thrashing reached to Hindu youths (engaged in a meeting just then) soon and all of them including Milan Ojha, Gopal Ojha, Debu Ojha, Pratap Dolui rushed to the spot and thrashed the entire gang. The clash continued till Satyen was rescued and witnessing the valor of Hindus no Islamist dared to advance later on even. 

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  1. Jai, this is commendable. A striking example of Hindu Solidarity.