Saturday, May 19, 2012

Budding doctors to study Islamic history!

Minorities Development Department, Bengal is all set to form a Medical College under Aliah University, and the detailed project report (DPR) of the same has already been completed.

As per sources in Minorities Development Department in the Writers’ Building, a medical hospital under Aliah University is going to be constructed in Rajarhat and the Government of Bengal has allotted 20 acres of lands to the university. Well, the hospital (with 500 beds) will be formed in 10 acres of land there and 200 seats will be assigned to the students of medical college. In accordance with DPR, 501 crores of rupees is required to implement the entire project.

Some other aspects must also be taken into consideration. In accordance with codes of Aliah University, it’s mandatory to study Arabic language and Islamic history. Students of medical college will have got to do the same, as per an official of Minorities Development Department. Dr. Shamsul Alam, Vice-Chancellor of Aliah University, stated, “A proposal to form a Medical College under Aliah University has been sent to the Minorities Development Department. I have learnt that some progressions have taken place in this regard.” As stated by sources in Writers’ Building, the proposal is awaiting the formal approval of Chief Minister, Mamata Banerjee. Mamata, incidentally, happens to be the minister of Minorities Development Department as well and in the current economic year, 98 crores of rupees has been allocated to the Aliah University.

If Mamata gets generous (quite naturally), the project may start at any time and if an official of the concerned government is to be believed, Mamata has already made it clear that Hooghly River Bridge Commissioners (HRBC) will construct the building of Aliah University. All these make us raise a few pertinent questions. Each and every medical college in Bengal does remain under the jurisdiction of West Bengal University of Medical Sciences. Why should a medical college remain under a new university then? Is there any answer to the same?

Well, a government official has made it clear, “If Bengal CM desires such an incident (even if it’s unusual) can happen easily.” He also stated that such an event would make it easier for Muslim students to study MBBS.

But students are enrolled in the discipline of studying medicine only if they get success in the Joint Entrance Examination. How can one ensure the presence of more Muslim students in the aforesaid medical college then?  Aliah University happens to be open to all students irrespective of differences of class, caste or religion.  

Vice-Chancellor of Aliah University states with conviction “As per codes of Aliah University, it is mandatory for every student to read Arabic language. Moreover, since Madrasa education is the cornerstone of this university, studying Islamic history is also obligatory.”       

Minorities Development Department is confident that such measures would enthuse Muslim students to join the university in large numbers. 

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