Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hindus warned in Bhasna

Police’s tacit support to Islamists makes situation agonizing 

This could have been a brilliant saga of Hindu resistance to Islamists’ onslaughts had not the tacit support of the administration to the same perpetrators been there.

On May 15, 2012, at 9.30 pm, Gaffar Zamadar, age 28, an Islamist residing in the neighboring village of Koutala, was caught red-handed while daring to enter the residence of a Hindu individual (sneakily), Sri Govinda Banik, living in village: Bhasna, P.S. Dhola, District: 24 Paraganas (South), to rob the entire family of all their belongings. It is worthwhile to mention that the said village has been an epicenter of nasty activities (of al forms) of Islamists to harm Hindus on the whole and hence, compassion of Hindus to Gaffar was unlikely. Hindus, en masse, after getting hold of him, thrashed him highly and Gaffar got unconscious. He was taken to Kupi Hospital where he was declared dead at once.   

The development created strong reactions among Islamists inhabiting the environs and as a mark of protest, they were perceived to gherao the police station and also block the thoroughfare. What is most striking, Islamists were found to chant wild slogans focusing on the need of vengeance against Hindus openly (this took place before police openly) and term Gaffar Zamadar as an “Imam bhai” and no thief. 

Hindus were admonished (by Islamists) in public of strong actions; witnessing the uncanny silence of police they could not get the courage to remain in their own dwellings any more. An FIR has been submitted by Islamists against 61 Hindus (at least) terming them as the main brains behind the death of Gaffar.

RAF has been deployed in the area to keep any untoward incident at bay but it’s not enough to instill confidence among Hindus there.

A large number of Hindu men along with women have fled to other villages and the remnants are not finding it safe to remain there. 

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  1. coward hindus....police despite being hindu doesnt help hindus....another partition and civil war is going to happen when muslims become majority in 20- 30 years....only solution ...increase hindus population as well and pass anti muslim laws....