Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hindus pay back Islamists in the same coin in Budge Budge

It was reported on May 06, 2012 (Daily Bartaman) that a thief, Mainul by name, (young as well) was taken hold of by locals at Kharapara, Budge Budge at dead night and became victim of a public outrage soon; he was beaten heavily.  People claimed that regular thefts had been troubling them lots and so they were prepared to catch the individual then and there. Prior to handing Mainul over to police, his head was shaven. Perhaps Hindus considered it as a mark of punishment.

But the situation refused to end there and the next part of the development was not reported by the aforesaid popular Bengali daily (for obvious reasons – to maintain tranquility in the society through chanting the mantra of weird secularism). 

Here is the next part.

As soon as Mainul was handed over to police, a number of clubs of Islamists along with their members, instigated by Aminul Safui, local councilor, went to the police station, gheraoed it while hurling abuses on Hindus. Some of them were also found to admonish Hindus in public and tear down a few Hindu shops.   

But Islamists erred; they considered that Hindus, as usual, would not dare to protest and the match would turn out to be one-sided. Activists of Hindu Samhati, contrary to their belief, geared up to offer a stiff resistance to this nasty design of Islamists. They led a large mob of Hindus representing areas like Chowkgopal, Byanjan Heria of KhariBeria and at 10 pm, all went to the local police station to lodge a formal complaint against Islamists.

The aggressive posture created a sensation in the area and inhibited the alleged hardihood of Islamists.

Islamists in that area found out that Hindus can also be daring and can outshine them in terms of valor. 

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