Monday, May 21, 2012

Hindu religious procession beaten mercilessly in Hooghly

Islamists flaunting muscles still; police remains spineless onlooker

There has been a sudden ascension in onslaughts on Hindus by Islamists throughout Bengal and in the majority of cases the circumstances appear to be quite the same. While in most cases the police stand as a hopeless, spineless bystander (with no discretion to stop Islamic fanatics), administration appears to be a greater cohort to all those (responsible for) hatching the conspiracy. It is found to be prompt enough to adopt an anti-Hindu position (at any time) through harassing or even rejecting formal complaints of Hindus in these riotous situations.

It will be too early to knock the ruling clique to mastermind ongoing attacks; the situation was similar in the earlier regime too. But with each day it passes, the situation is getting murkier. Hindus are already at the receiving end; they are found to lose faith on and to have any justice from the administration.

How Islamists remain outfitted (round the clock) to harass and also thrash Hindus got apparent yet again on May 15, 2012, at village: Santoshpur, P.S. Jangipara, Distirct: Hooghly. Hindus have been observing Raksha Kali Puja there for decades and as a part of the program, on the fateful day, Hindus, most of whom were women, were carrying Gangajal (holy water of River Ganges) from Sheoraphuli Ganga ghat to Santoshpur along with the holy deity (this convention has also been continuing for decades). Musical instruments were also being played in the procession and undoubtedly, the environment was joyful. Almost 50 policemen were also guarding the long procession.

But all joys ended soon. At 6 pm, police stopped the elated procession at No. 31 route for 40 minutes at a stretch. When inquired, police replied that all were done to let the namaz (being performed at the Santoshpur mosque) remain undisturbed. Hindus got agitated and reacted strongly; they also blocked the road to give vent to their hurt feelings but police stated barefacedly that everything was being done as per order of SDO.

The religious procession started at 6.40 pm once again and the moment it reached Santosphur crossing, it was stopped by a pack  of armed Islamists (at least 100) led by Sahabuddin Mallik, Samsuddin Mallik, Rezwan Ali (known as strong-armers in the neighborhood). The Hindu religious procession was attacked at once, Hindu women were thrashed with bamboo sticks, some were even stoned and sustained grave injuries, as a result.

All these happened before police (a spent force by now) and only when Hindus were witnessed to hit back, police stopped Islamists and dispersed the gang. However, Islamists, from a safe distance, continued to warn Hindus.

Kali puja completed under a tight security of police.  

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  1. this is a drisgraceful incidence in the heart of peaceful west bengal