Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mamata Didi devotes all for Muslims

Hindus are taken for granted

Whatever the cause is, be it a religious assemblage or simple gathering of Muslims to put forth their (never-ending) demands, Mamata Banerjee’s, Chief Minister of Bengal, love for Islamits has no end; she is ever ready to hug or phone them for their welfare. And the personal communication of Mamata Didi to Siddiqullah Chowdhury, state secretary of Jamiat Ulma-e-Hind and also the most significant leader of PDCI, on February 15, during a Muslim congregation at Esplanade, exhibits the same once more. Muslims, in throngs, joined the meeting to present 6-point demands including reservations for the Muslim populace in the state. The vast crowd led to traffic disruption in Chittaranjan Avenue, SN Banerjee Road, Lenin Sarani for hours unhinging pedestrians at large.

However, the state government, steadfast to comply with its notion of Poriborton (Change) and make Kolkata another version of London, remained indifferent. Why shouldn’t it be also? The love for Muslims to maintain a steady minority vote bank remains the most valuable object to Trinamool Congress! Or else the call of an unauthorized Madrasa Teachers’ Organization to gherao Writers’ Building, mainstay of Bengal government, for governmental authorization of all madrasa s across the state would not have been dealt with so easily.  

The meeting was successful indeed and what graced the occasion was the phone call of Mamata Didi, ever ready to posit that she remains with her Muslim brothers, however unlawful and vicious they are, to Siddiqullah Chowdhury. Muslims assembling in the convention raised slogans in her favor boosting her to go on with her sanctified (?) tasks of bettering Muslims in Bengal and depriving Hindus of all.

Hindu Samhati was prevented by the same Trinamool Congress-led government from celebrating its 4 th Anniversary in Kolkata on February 14, day before yesterday, on a flimsy ground. Nevertheless, the verdict of Hon’ble Kolkata High Court and exemplary courage of Hindu Samhati activists overpowered the hell-bent and vicious design ultimately.   

Mamata Didi is for Muslims only and not for Hindus by any means. Hindus in Bengal have got to remain conscious of their own destiny or else nothing can overwhelm the impending disaster.   

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