Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hindu house bombed by Muslim thugs in Sankrail, Howrah

Sankrail, Howrah is becoming a hotbed of Hindu Muslim animosities and undoubtedly, fast rising Islamic fundamentalism happens to be the main cause in this regard. On January 31, the residence of Felu Sardar (age 45), inhabitant of Snakrail Battala, P.S. Sankrail, District: Howrah, was bombed by a few masked Muslim youths leading to destructions of the abode and injuries of Hindu family members residing in it. Even if almost all of them escaped in secret, Sabir Ali Sheikh, noted Muslim thug of the area, was identified by a few neighbors of Felu.

However, this was not a sudden assault but a part of retaliation. On January 26, Muslim members of Macha Committee, a club dominated by Muslims exclusively, hoisted the National Flag on a vacant land (in the same area) of same Felu Sardar. Later they were found to fence the very stretch of land devoid of any permission. Felu smelling a rat sought help of local Hindu youths and with their assistance removed the fence dashing hopes of Muslims to occupy the land soon.

The bomb attack at the residence of Felu Sardar happens to be fallout of the same despair. 

Tension prevails in the area and Hindus are apprehending such more attacks in next to no time.  

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