Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hindus in Basirhat triumph; create a glorious instance

There is a well-known saying that braveness and not numbers win the war; this is proved once again with the success of Hindus living in Basirhat, Bengal through foiling a nefarious Islamic design to occupy legitimate Hindu lands steadily. Hindus, in reality, do hail from Chotojirakpur Swasti Colony, Mukherjee Colony, Hazratala Colony and Mathpara Colony, P.S. Basirhat, District: 24 Paraganas (North). Only a few Muslims in the area were endeavoring to create a mosque in the area and thus to evict Hindus. This had been going on for years; Hindu valiance did put an end to it in the end.  

The bone of contention was a strip of land worth 2 cottahs among a vast stretch of 6 acres and 23 shataks, included in JL No. 94 and RS No. 202 Khatian of Mouza Jirakpur, P.S. Basirhat and 4 Muslim families (living there only) were desperate to grab hold of the land and create a mosque there to humiliate Hindus living in the area for decades, if not more. The land had been owned by an individual named Aminudin Mandal in the past and after his demise, his sons and grandchild sold his lands to Hindus, living in the area at the moment.

But this reality was brushed off by the said 4 Muslim families making a desperate effort to build a mosque and humiliate Hindu sentiment thus. What is more, the strip of land selected by them was shared by a few Hindu families as well.  On the west (of the land) there happens to be the family of Debu Chakraborty, Bijan Dey on the east, Basudev Roy on the south-east along with that of Bidhan Haldar, Ramen Mandal, Gopal Dey, Gobinda Chakraborty, Tarun Dey and others. But the Muslim families, backed by Muslim groups in the environs, were not ready to negotiate at all and what started was nothing other than a new way (quite common too) of Islamic victimization.  

Hindus did also inform the police and administration to save the situation but there was no response from them. Finding no other solution, Hindus geared up and smashed the makeshift structure of mosque for all time. 

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