Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hindus in Haroa Get Thrashed by Islamist Mob; Administration Remains Apathetic

Hindu Property Attacked, Temple Ransacked by Muslim Fanatics

A mere wrangle between two groups of people ended into a communal clash and fanatic upsurge of a band of Muslims victimizing the Hindu residents of Haroa located in the Basirhat subdivision of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal on November 2nd, 2010.

The village of Haroa is locally well-known for celebration of “KaliPuja” and has been going on with the same fervor for decades at a stretch. And worshiping at the local Matridham Kali temple deserves a special mention. As in previous years, volunteers of the “Puja” committee were busy on the fateful day to request donations from passersby, especially in automobiles. Similarly they also approached an automobile, matador no. WB51 4221 around 1.30 pm following which the vehicle stopped a few meters away. When the volunteers requested them for the donation, the driver, a Muslim by faith, repeatedly abused the worshiping practices of the Hindus and the Hindu religion in general. This resulted in a short scuffle between the abusing Muslims and the Hindu volunteers.

Under ordinary circumstances, that would have been the end of it. However, in this situation, this was not the case. Within a few of hours around 3.30 pm, a mob of over five thousand Muslims from Haripur & Mazampur areas reached the spot with sticks, brick-bats and bombs and without any provocation targeted the Hindus there injuring at least 25 of them seriously. Among them two persons, Kalipada Sardar and Nirmal Mondal, both Hindus, sustained heavy injuries. What is even more terrifying is that the attackers did not even spare the Hindu women. Shikha Karmakar and Jayanti Karmakar, both Hindu women, were wounded while resisting the looting by the Muslim mob. In addition, they also threatened the Hindus and the upcoming festival with grave consequences. They also broke the Tulsi mandir & tube-wells of a few houses and targetted the rice mill of Shalipur-Dhanpota Bazar owned by anothe Hindu, Subal Chandra Karmakar.

One is now compelled to ask, what was the local police and administration doing when the Muslims were on a rampage destroying property and threatening the Hindus? We are saddened to report that it was busy pacifying the unruly mob and censuring Hindus following FIRs (First Information Report) against 11 of them lodged by the same Muslims. Then Muslims blocked the State Highway No. 91 (Haroa Road) for one and half hours demanding the arrest of Hindus named in the said FIR. The result has been excruciating for Hindus who had to compensate Rs. 20,000 to the Muslims for creating alleged nuisances. Even if tranquility prevails at the moment, Hindus are still panicked and anticipating further attacks on their community.

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