Friday, December 10, 2010

Sankrail - A Case of Muslim Appeasement and Failed Justice

On 9th Nov (Tuesday) night, in Sankrail (Howrah, West Bengal, India), a local Muslim ruffian (name not known) tried to snatch a gold chain from a Hindu woman. When the woman screamed for help, people from the neighborhood gathered (both Hindus and Muslims) and overpowered the thief. They started beating him, but somehow the thief was able to flee. Eventually he was caught again in Sarenga Uttarpara, where panchayat upa-pradhan (local elected official) from BJP, Barnali Naskar lives.

When the thug was brought into light, Muslims in the mob realized that he belongs to their religious community and that outraged them. Immediately more Muslims gathered and they reportedly attacked Hindus in the crowd with swords, bricks and sticks and multiple Hindus were injured by the attack. This incident alerted the police from Sankrail police station and they came in large numbers and camped in Sarenga.

But police were very biased and they started raiding only Hindu houses in the night. As a result many Hindus went into hiding in the night, since they feared that they will be arrested by police due to spurious cases registered by the local Muslims. Police did not yet arrest the Muslim thief. The Officer in Charge and the deputy OC of the local police station are involved in the harassment of innocent Hindus. The OC is even threatening the Hindus and saying that it is the fault of both communities, (in reality the Hindus are not at fault). The OC has threatened Barnali’s husband, who himself is a policeman, with dire consequence (to fire him) when he approached him for justice. Barnali also suspects that it could be a sinister plot by Muslims to prevent Hindus from celebrating the forthcoming Jagadhatri puja.

It must be noted here that Barnali is outspoken and courageous. She approached some senior leaders of her own party to interfere, but has not got any help so far. BJP is also stressing on Muslim appeasement like other political parties it seems. It is to be noted that the panchayat (local council) was formed jointly by BJP, Congress and TMC against CPM.

A BJP council member (a Muslim) named Seikh Nurujjaman, who recently changed his party affiliation from CPM to BJP, wanted to be the pradhan (Head of Council) but was foiled by other council members, and has allegedly developed a secret understanding with the CPM. Seikh is suspected to be the mastermind to pressurize the police to harass and arrest Hindus and to take the revenge for his failure to be the pradhan. He is trying to slap false cases against 20-25 innocent Hindus. He has taken Hindu names from the voter list, (some of them were even sleeping at the time of the attack), whether or not at all present at the place of the incident.

Recently there was another theft in a school building in which four known local Muslims were involved. Barnali and some other locals filed a diary against the perpetrators. What is outrageous is that the police is selectively harassing those who gave the diary. Barnali suspects that the culprits are trying to take revenge or divert attention by conspiring with the police.

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  1. All Muslims are thugs, It's we going to suffer if not alerted even now.