Monday, November 29, 2010

Islamist Mob Beats up Hindus in Kulpi, West Bengal

Innocent Hindu rickshaw-puller and local Hindus beaten up by armed Islamist mob in Kulpi

One Muzzamel Shekh, owner of a tea stall at Siddhiberia More (crossing), PS Kulpi, Diamond Harbour Sub-Division, (S24 Parganas, West Bengal, India) had recently increased the span of his illegally encroached area originally belonging to the PWD ( Public Works Dept. WB Govt.). The tea stall was a temporary structure built with bamboo and weaved mat, which he has now made into a permanent structure using bricks and mortar. While doing so he had made a second opening of his stall on the northern end although he already had a frontal opening on the eastern side of his shop . It is important to mention that on the northern side of his shop there is the local cycle–rickshaw stand along a road and an annual Durga Puja is also held there. To facilitate customer entry through the northern opening of his shop, he laid a slab that extended over the road and was a nuisance for the local vehicular traffic since its construction.

On 26th October 2010 at about 09:00 Hrs. a cycle-rickshaw got stuck in between two buses coming form either ends of the road on the northern side of Muzzamel Shekh’s tea stall. The rickshaw-puller had to draw his rickshaw over the said slab of the tea stall to make way for the vehicles to pass. The cycle–rickshaw was driven by Sri Bhulo Halder, son of Sri Anando Halder, who was mercilessly assaulted by Muzzamel Shekh and other Muslim youths who were present at the spot or at the tea stall, for driving his van over the slab in front of the shop. After assaulting him, these Muslim tried to abduct and take away Sri Halder when local people, mostly Hindus who were present at the spot intervened, blocked the road and demanded that the police to take action against the miscreants and sort out the problem. After a while the police arrived to bring the situation under control and tried to pacify the crowd gathered at the spot and remove the road blockade. The local Muslims present there started to remove the road blockade by themselves ignoring the presence of the police. Thus there was a scuffle between the Hindus and the Muslims and the later were then joined by other Muslims from the nearby locality who came armed with iron pipes and crude bombs. With an increase in strength, they started to hit the Hindus and hurled at least six such bombs. The Islamic rampage was mostly led by Illias Halder, Amin Vaidya, Nasir Sheikh, Mobarak Paik along with other accomplices. The Police then fled and the situation worsened. Gautam Mondal and Bishnu Halder were abducted by the rampaging Muslims as they now out numbered the unarmed Hindus, who in any case were no match to resist the heavily armed Muslims.

The Muslims filed a frivolous complaint against the Hindus (vide G.D.1328—FIR-216) at the Kulpi police station on 26th November, 2010, accusing them of burning two shops owned by Muslims. This however turned out to be incorrect and has been vehemently opposed by the local Hindus who attributed the arson to a matter of internal rivalry among the Muslims; this was independently confirmed by our sources on ground. Later the Hindus also filed a complaint at the Kulpi police station (vide G.D.1371---FIR-217) against the Jihadi mob on the same date accusing them of abduction and assault. Gautam Mandal, Bishnu Halder, Anando Halder, Partha Halder and Uttam Mistry were admitted to the local Hospital with serious injuries and the overall situation remains grim and tense. Interestingly, the said Muzzamel Shekh is now stating to local Hindus that he had to do this menace under pressure from Illias Halder, Amin Vaidya and Nasir Shekh thus he is not at fault, but the mystery is whether he is going to officially confirm his statement or not!

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  1. Complaining is not an option for hindus anymore. They have to do it alone if want to survive.