Friday, December 17, 2010

Hanuman Temple Destroyed in Howrah; Hindu Businesses Attacked

Islamists Destroy Hindu Temple With Bombs During Muharram Procession in Pachla, Howrah; Multiple Hindu Properties Attacked.

Police and RAF on Duty - Press and Photography Not Permitted on Spot -

17th December, 2010
Place: Biki Hakola Village, Police Station - Pachla, District – Howrah, in West Bengal, India.

The mob of the Muharram procession attacked a Hanuman temple located near Koley Para Primary School, 15 bombs were exploded on or near the HANUMAN temple by the fanatic Muslim attackers and as a result the temple was totally destroyed .

At least 10 HINDU shops were ransacked and looted, some of the shops are as follows:-

1) Gora Shau :- Sweet and Fried Food shop.

2) Kashi Pachal :- Vegetable Shop.

3) Nemai Nath :- Tea Stall.

4) Raghunath Karmakar :- Medicine Shop.

5) Rajkumar Polle :- Embroidery Raw Material Shop. The shutter of this shop was broken and the Muslims looted this shop which was consisting materials worth tens of thousands of rupees.

Apart from the above mentioned shops there were at least five more shops which were ransacked and looted.

The shops mentioned above have been bombed by the Muslims.

All of these incidents took place between 4:30 to 5:00 PM in front of the Police Force who were standing still and helpless and did not even dare to attempt to stop these Islamic activists.

Also, several Hindu homes were broken as well. It is alleged by local Hindus that Panchla police station 2nd officer, Najurul Islam, a Muslim was present at that time and the vandalism occurred with his covert sanction. Also, we received information that ex Congress MLA and TMC leader Sheikh Gulshan Malik was also involved in the planned attacks against the Hindus.

A communal incident started by the Muslims took place on 9th November 2010 for which 18 Hindu men of the area were falsely framed and fake cases were imposed upon these completely innocent Hindus. Following this incident, the local Hindu leaders belonging to various political parties advised the Hindus not to come out of their homes during the Muharram procession of the Muslims. Accordingly the Hindus stayed indoors today (Muharram day Dec 17, 2010) at the time of Muharram processions and the Muslims took complete advantage of the situation and carried on one sided atrocity on Hindus and Hindu properties.

The incident of 9th Nov 2010 is really brutal and the facts will be placed on this blog shortly.

The Hindus of the area are very perplexed and confused and don’t know what to do and at this stage there is no one in the locale to provide support and lead the Hindus.

Previously there had been many instances of Muslim atrocities in the Pachla area for example two years back : All the Hindu Shops (54 shops) of the Pachla Bajar were ransacked and looted and on all the occasion and the Police stood and watched like mere helpless spectators.


  1. I think it is time some Hindu chap gifted the entire Police Force in the area with bangles. The Police personnel can then wear bangles and do their duty and everyone would know what is expected of them.

  2. The press has to be there, where police and policing fails.

  3. y not single mainstream media is reporting it???
    or else Sickulars will think its fake news, can anyone upload photos here , please i will be thankfull

  4. Hindus must leave Sickularism....
    and be Hindus....

    Hindu Renaissance Movement Can save india
    from Anti-Hindu CONGRESS / TRINAMOOL / CPIM.

    HINDU SAMHATI needs to expand more

  5. Hijde hain sab... Hum bhi tum bhi. Apne desh main hi aise rahne lage hain jaise Pakistan main rahne wale hindu ya sikh hain hum.

  6. I´m one of the anti-Political Islam activists and I´m in Brazil,so,even if the mainstream media does not show the truth about Political Islam,we are sharing the articles on our Facebook pages,blogs,etc. I even file the reports on my computer , both as documents and for future reference and I advise everyone to do the same!Please visit the many anti-Islam pages on Facebook,the Defense Leagues of many countries and join and 'like" them,inviting friends,too !We have many links in all these pages for blogs and sites denouncing Political Islam and all Fundamentalisms,of course.

  7. These hooligans don't practice Islam.