Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hindu Temple Desecrated, Destroyed in Sankrail

Is it a crime to construct Hindu temple? This is not a simple question only but a heart-rending fruition of Hindus, especially in the Indian state of West Bengal, also. With the passing of each day, it is becoming more and more difficult for Hindus here to live with due dignity and conform to own rituals. You don’t need to go anywhere; situation in village Howapota, P.S: Sankrail in Howrah district reveals the atrocious truth.

Howapota is one of the numerous villages in West Bengal and as usual local Hindus were worshipping in a make-shift temple for years. Only recently they collectively decided to render it a permanent shape. With this simple intention the project had a good start and everything was going fine till 9 am on 13/02/11 when hell came down on the villagers. The villagers witnessed that a group of Muslims led by Sheikh Bulgan, Jehangir and Sk. Laltu (all noted criminals), comprising no less than 300, were defiling the aforementioned temple out of thin air. They were destructing the latest construction with full might. This led to a deep outrage among Hindus in the vicinity even if no more than 8 of them were in the spot.

Strikingly, police led by Muslim police officers arrived there only after Islamic felons put the last touches on the holy endeavor. And soon it was comprehended that their attention was on to save their co-religionists altogether. Hindus getting more enraged and having no other option blocked the adjoining main road till the evening. This led to anger in different echelons of administration and during evening police lathi-charged Hindu protestors brutally.

More than 100 Hindus got wounded severely and the condition of 15 of them was undoubtedly serious, especially of Rabi Jana, tortured viciously. His wife, member of local Panchayat at the moment, was also injured.

The following excerpt would surely make you raise your own eyebrows. Finding no other way Rabi Jana (arrested already) was sent to the Hazi S.T. Malik Govt. Hospital for a first-hand medical treatment. The doctor, who was attending the case, was forced by police to give fitness certificate of the severely injured Rabi Jana in spite of strong unwillingness of the doctor. Other Hindus including Arun Karmakar, Biswajit Chakraborty and Benu Darii were arrested in the meantime.

Arrested Hindus were bailed out within the following day but tension prevails in the village.

Police debarred the Hindus to offer evening prayer and lit the religious lamp in the temple. The great Shivaratri festival is approaching shortly. Hindus are extremely apprehensive that they will not be allowed to perform the most sacred rituals on that day in the temple. They are collecting mass signature and will submit memorandum to the higher authorities in this regard.

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