Friday, February 11, 2011

Muslims Tyrannizing Hindu Tribal People in Birbhum

This is not a monologue on escalating economic exploitations in the Indian state of Bengal but a profound analysis of the declining state of Hindus and the issues that are wounding them most. The name of Lalgarh, in West Midnapore, thanks to media, both mainstream and alleged alternative, is not new to us. By now it has become a hotbed of political activities, whether it is of the ruling party, opposition or even the outlawed Maoists. But all these have brought to the fore a covert reality – economic exploitations of people, especially of ethnic and tribal groups among Hindus, are rising by leaps and bounds. There is another truth as well. Midnapore is not the only district undergoing all these.

Birbhum, northernmost district of Burdwan division, is also witnessing economic declension and the most vulnerable to all these are the Hindu ethnic and tribal groups. But there is no use in castigating government decisions only, Muslim owners of stone crushing units are also manipulating the situation most.

Here is a simple retrospection of the existing situation. In accordance with latest statistics, no less than 1300 stone crushers are present in the area extending up to the adjoining state of Jharkhand. The majority of owners of these crushing units, if not more, are Muslims. It should also be taken into account that as per Tribal Land Protection Act, these lands are non-saleable in any manner. Nevertheless, all these have proved to be futile before Muslims, accountable for getting lease of these lands, and 80% of these are illegitimate. How do you define the situation then? Both the Forest and Tribal Protection Acts are violated thus. Isn’t it?

This is not all. Muslim owners of stone crushing units are audacious enough to hold both environmental and pollution laws in contempt. On the word of sources, while Pollution Control Board remains in darkness of the entire development, explosives from this area are being used by Islamic Jihadis, Maoists and crooks ad infinitum. To put it briefly, tribal people are getting deprived and their venerable ways of living are also getting threatened. Perhaps it would have been better, had the felonious activities remained to this level. Muslim owners along with labor contractors are being accused for molesting and trafficking Hindu tribal women leading to a strong resentment in the vicinity.

Rape of a tribal woman took place recently even if police played a foul role only. Muslims played all tricks to stamp out the rising antipathy ranging from efforts in bribing tribal leaders to burning tribal villages down. In return, tribal people fired some stone crushing units. Strikingly, Maoists (newest boss in the region) remained absent. Conceivably the newest developments were out of their reach or were never a part in the sacrosanct tenets of Marxism. Even if Maoists and other Leftists focus on the cardinal principle of uniting proletarians across the globe, Muslim laborers in these state of affairs sided with the Muslim capitalists.

In this tussle between Muslims and tribal people Hindus backed up the second one (rendered logistics too) heightening the struggle to a larger extent.

Do you want to know of the role of indigenous administration? On 30/12/2010 police made a sudden attack on tribal villages violating rules, oppressed women and made them nude in public as well. The incident created lots of hue and cry in the following days but the self-claimed custodians of Human Rights remained tight-lipped stunningly.

Whether Hindu ethnic and tribal groups in Birbhum can have justice, you have to find out.

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