Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hindu SC Families Get Persecuted in Budge Budge

In the Suburbs of Kolkata Hindu SC Group Faces Severe Persecution From Islamists

Surely you have perceived the presence of a few Muslim families amid a Hindu neighborhood and their untroubled livelihood as a result. What may happen if there is any reverse? Life becomes unbearable completely and the same is happening with 5 Taphsili families at the moment in Jamalpur village, near Birla Crossing, of Police Station Budge Budge, S 24 Parganas, West Bengal. These families belong to the impoverished Purakaits, living in the ocean of Muslim neighborhood. They have been subject to all types of ridicules of the Muslim majority community and the situation is such that the Hindu women of this family, in order to have drinking water from the Muslim locality crossing the main road, become subject to each type of derision. It is worthwhile to mention that this destitute Hindu family has its own sacred “Than” of “Devi Manasa”, ie, a shrine which is worshiped on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, in spite of all these their neighbor Mosharaff, capitalizing on a 32-years old land-related scuffle, is leaving no stone unturned to get hold of the said “Than”, without a shred of doubt illegally. They have created a wall already to obstruct Hindus from going on with their daily worship and the problem, in this regard, did strengthen on recent 16 October, “Nabami” of Durga Puja”. Even if the O.C. of local Police Station: Budge Budge, on that very day, did stop the construction of wall, the Muslim family, being stimulated by some potent yet obscure major power, was witnessed to go on with its project.

Well, the absence of male members at the residence (at that time), owing to professional engagements, helped Muslims to a large extent. Women of the Hindu families are getting apprehensive decided to worship the consecrated “Than” of “Devi Manasa” through a 6-year old girl of the family. However, it did fail to please the brutal souls and the kid was shoved. This situation did enrage women of the Purakait family and they had hardly any option other than breaking the mud wall. The Muslims alleging the same as a grave offence ransacked the house of the Purakaits. Prashanta Purakait, getting hold of the entire news through mobile phone, lodged a complaint in the local police station. A Muslim police officer, named Ali Babu, was sent to investigate the entire development.

The officer, devoid of any reason and in spite of dissents of other police personnel, made Prashanta Purakait leave the police vehicle just outside the police station. Ali Babu, a Muslim police officer, as usual, sided for Muslims and owing to his presence, the wall could be erected once again. In the meantime, Mosharaff dispersed puffed rice in the courtyard and put a baby of his family, affected with chicken pox or varicella, there. The Muslims started to keep tabs on the entire family and threatened to chop off the male members the moment they returned. As a result, male members of the house of Purakaits couldn’t get into their ancestral dwelling and instead, got half-immersed in the nearby swampy land for no less than 3-4 hours. Women got panic-stricken.

On the following day, it was learnt that false cases had been lodged against 14 male persons in the local police station. After staying outside for a week, being terrified of Muslims and also police, Hindu Samhati was contacted by the Hindu families. The entire family got adequate assistance from Samhati (in every respect). While on one hand their confidences were boosted, again their financial conditions were taken care of. And on 31 October, the male members, thanks to Samhati leadership, could return to their houses. In the following days, they were provided pre-bail from the Alipore Court.

It is to be noted that the hapless family was once associated with Communist Party of India Marxist once, but none of the party did ever come forward for rescuing them. It can be said without doubt, had there been no Hindu Samhati, it would have been impossible for them to remain there. The caste-ridden Hindu society also could not endorse them owing to age-old caste differences. Nonetheless, the bravery of female members of Purakait family must be credited.

What is most astounding, persistent disdains and persecutions on this family failed to affect other Hindus. These actions make us remind the immortal sermons of Swami Vivekananda. As per the revolutionary saint, in spite of the fact that Advaita philosophy of Hindus is the best in human civilization, there is hardly any reflection of the same traits in the entire society.

In accordance with latest news, the Muslims have purchased a cow, fastened it with the consecrated “Than” and have announced that they would sacrifice her in the forthcoming Id. Bear in mind that this is going to be the first immolation of a beast (as per Islamic scriptures) there. Even if any sacrifice of cows devoid of the assistance of administration is illegitimate, any such restriction does hardly matter. Law has got to be abided by Hindus only and this is called “Secularism”.

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