Sunday, May 19, 2013

Muslim radicals planning to destroy Kali temple, build mosque there at Baruipur

A heinous conspiracy of radical Muslims to despoil, desecrate and destroy Hindu temple and thus, to foil communal harmony prevalent in the area is going on in village: Mirzapur Dadpur, P.O. Shankarpur, P.S. Baruipur, District: 24 Paraganas (South). On March 27, 2013, in the evening, Islamists of Khan Para (at a distance of 1 km. from the nearest Hindu-dominated area) created mayhem in the village’s playground and the mob of Muslim ruffians was led by Faring Khan, s/o Momin Khan, and Bapu Khan, s/o Dadu Khan.

It has been learnt, at that time, Hindu boys of village: Mirzapur were playing in the field and it was being watched by no less than 100 Hindus, comprising both men and women. Islamists, with an intention to frustrate the playing, started to intervene and when they were asked not to do so, Muslim youths started using foul languages against Hindus there, especially Hindu women.

Hindus assembled there protested strongly inviting wraths of Muslims who attacked Hindus with lethal weapons. The attack did not end there; Muslim youths, then, targeted the age-old Kali temple, situated at the western side of the pond in the village. (Playground is located on the eastern side of the village). Apart from breaking the tiles of the temple, all lights there were also broken.

Hindus are being threatened all the time and as per latest reports, Islamists are even threatening to build a mosque by destroying the temple. If Hindus dare to protest, they are being thrashed and Muslim radicals are prepared to deal with any eventuality.

Local Hindus have complained to the local police station of Baruipur lots but no Muslim miscreant has been arrested yet.

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