Friday, May 17, 2013

Brave Hindu resistance routs Islamic aggression in Howrah

Whenever Hindu girls are assaulted or molested by Muslim radicals, all Hindus can do is to rise in defence against the rogues as the hope that police will nab them and get them justice is getting bleak more and more. Hindus did the same in village: Bankul, P.S. Jagatballabhpur, District: Howrah and even after police, owing to political pressure, has released the Islamic ruffians, Hindu struggle has set a new example to follow in the vicinity.

On May 5, 2013, Shyamali (name changed), (student of Class IX) daughter of Raju Dhara, was returning from tutorial at 12 pm and when she was about the crossing before her own residence, a pack of Muslim youths, sitting within a roadside tea shop, both teased and tried to grab her. Even though the girl could manage to save herself from their clutches, she was molested by them. Shyamali narrated the entire incident to her mother who along with a neighboring woman rushed out in search of offenders.     

The pervert youths were going by Shyamali’s residence just then; her mother and neighboring woman rushed towards them and caught one Muslim youth. He was thrashed by the two women. The group led by Iqbal and Salem left the spot without saying a single word.

But they did return soon with more men from their area and attacked Shyamali’s residence without delay. The news panicked Hindus living there but local Hindu youths, led by youths of Hindu Samhati, offered a brave resistance that soon forced the attackers to bite the dust. What was most striking, common Hindus, emboldened by Hindu defence, hit the streets and protested vociferously against Islamists’ arrogance and their malicious behavior against Hindu women and girl inhabiting the vicinity.    

To calm the situation and retain communal harmony in the area, police arrived soon and took the culpable Muslim youths including Iqbal, Salem and 12 others into custody. Hindus decided to block the main road as a mark of protest but police asked them to depart as police had already arrested the culprits.

As per fresh reports, political pressure has forced police to release the Muslim culprits but Hindu predominance, displayed through their desperate protest, retains a strong influence in the area. 

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