Monday, February 4, 2013

Milad un-Nabi observed in Hooghly forcefully

Islamic bid to outshine, insult Hindus succeed

Once a Hindu festival is performed at any institution in contemporary Bengal it must be countered with doing a Muslim festival there – however insignificant it is – and all measures ranging from pressurizing to intimidating concerned authority with dire consequences, if there is any failure to perform, reign highly. Akuni Biji Beharilal Institution, adjoining Gaopalpur Bazar, close to Moshat in District: Hooghly, remains witness to such a horrendous development.

ISKCON, being invited by local Hindus, conducted a two-day camp at Akuni Biji Beharilal Institution on January 25 and 26. The event proved to be a great success, witnessed a large Hindu gathering and on January 26, a chariot (Ratha Yatra) of Lord Sri Krishna was also brought out in public. No less than 700 Hindus participated in the campaign on foot that went around the entire area.

Such a spontaneous success turned out to be agonizing for Muslim radicals in the vicinity. To prove their own dominance and also outshine the Hindu success, they planned to celebrate Milad un-Nabi, marking Mohammad's birthday, in a grand manner on January 29. With this end in view, Muslims approached Akuni Biji Beharilal Institution but when the later refused, it was intimidated outright. It has been learnt, political influences also played a major role in making the institution cede to the Muslim demand.

A Hindu female teacher, Ms. Gitalekha Nandi, turned out to be vocal against such an abrupt and also nefarious development irking Muslims highly. However, she failed to get any support in the locality and was compelled to regret the same in the Muslim assembly publicly.  

Hindus who were instrumental in organizing the ISKCON event preferred to remain tight-lipped over the entire incident and also vilification of a Hindu lady who dared to protest at least. 

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