Monday, February 11, 2013

Has Namita been victimized for being a Hindu girl?

As reported earlier, the whole situation took a turn after some vital information, which were kept in hiding from us, became unearthed. The girl, Namita (name changed), used to have an affair with the boy, Biswajit. They were so intimate that they might have physical relation as well. Namita’s mother works as a maid servant in Jadavpur area in Kolkata, leaves home at around 5 am and returns home not before 9 pm. Her father happens to be a van rikshaw puller.

On the day, they might have made love in a deserted place. There is a probability that those M boys either had seen them while making love or pretended so after following them. At first, there were 2 M boys, later they called another 2 M boys over phone. 4 M boys heavily beaten Biswajit and then raped Namita. The case would have been dumped like other cases as well unless HS workers took the initiative to follow up the case. The local Joynagar police behaved properly, but the case took a turn when Biswajit, Namita and her mother were brought to the office of SP, South 24 Parganas for enquiry. District police was desperate to suppress the news of rape as it would sparkle a new controversy and considering the overall scenario and media attention that could tarnish the image of both police and the administration led by Mamata.

In the name of enquiry they threatened Biswajit and Namita with grave consequences. They even beaten Biswajit to withdraw their complain. Namita somehow resisted the interrogation but Biswajit totally broke down. He confessed their intimate relationship and also helped police to recover a condom from the deserted place which could have easily been traced for being used by him following DNA test.

Police grabbed this story with two hands and started blackmailing them. In the mean time, SUCI, a political party and Joynagar used to be its stronghold, emerged in the scene. They, in collusion with police, put huge pressure on the victims to withdraw their complain. Yesterday evening, they forced Namita and Biswajit to get married. Now the victim’s family and Biswajit are not co operating us.

Socially backward people living from hand to mouth could not survive the pressure and finally succumbed to it without asking how come a sexual relation done with mutual consent can be compared with a heinous crime as rape? 

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