Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hindu Girl, Family Assaulted Brutally in Barasat

Muslim radicals go wild, Hindus in complete terror   

Barasat is back in news once more and certainly for wrong reasons; the entire area has turned into a danger zone for Hindu women virtually and due to the perennial reluctance of local administration, Muslim hooligans and their accomplices are reigning there supremely. The situation is such that Hindu women can be abducted, molested and even raped at any moment.

On February 1, 2013, at 1 pm, a Hindu girl school student of Class XI was returning from private tuition riding a bicycle while her elder brother, wary enough due to recent horrendous developments – rising sexual assaults on Hindu women in Barasat – was waiting at the crossing (Sonatikarir Mor) close to residence. As soon as the elder brother met his sister and started walking to their house, a motorbike stopped them. Two drunk youths (later identified as Mohammed Zafarullah – age 18 – inhabiting Shandalia and Meher Ali alias Mejo Khokon – age 30) were riding the vehicle who started hurling slang on the Hindu girl explicitly soon.  

When the elder brother protested, the two Muslim ruffians literally pounced on him. He was thrashed severely and to save him at any cost all of his families rushed to the spot. Zafarullah and Meher Ali informed their Muslim accomplices also; four of them came in two bikes. Hindus were overpowered by criminals soon; they were thrown to the paved road and were beaten hollow. Father of the Hindu daughter, a renowned homeopathy doctor in the neighborhood, was also wounded; his head was pounded. He is admitted in the Barasat Hospital in a critical condition at the moment.       

Both the Muslim ruffians have been arrested while police remains busy to find other culprits out.

The incident has not shocked Barasat only sending shudder through spines of Hindus but has rocked political and administrative circles in Kolkata, seat of regional power, also. It has also been learnt that a large number of people, all Hindus, are getting more and more worried while mulling over Barasat and its imminent future if remain unchecked.

It is worthwhile to mention, on September 3, 2012, a Hindu aged person was manhandled and also thrashed in public for daring to protest against illicit liquor trade in the area. It took place at village: Purba Ichapur of Kadambagachi, at 4 kms away from Kachkal, the place where the Hindu girl student victim was coming from.