Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hindu families in Khiriskhali, Basanti living under Islamic terror

Village: Khiriskhali, P.S. Basanti, District: 24 Paraganas (South) happened to be a Hindu-dominated area once but no more…. blatant Muslim appeasement of governments in Bengal down the ages coupled with unrestrained illegal migration of Muslims from neighboring Bangladesh have sealed fates of Hindus in this village forever.

Only two Hindu families exist in the village these days virtually and in a great terror round the clock. Ten years before, Anadi Naskar, a Hindu individual, to get relief from rising Islamic atrocities then sold 10 bighas of his ancestral property to Muslims and left for the nearby Hindu-dominated village: 3 no. Kumrakhali.

Now, his nephew is having brunt of the same. Neighboring Muslims, as fresh reports are coming in, have occupied 22 skhatak land of 47 shatak land belonging to nephew of abovementioned Anadi Naskar. And now, Muslims are endeavoring to get hold of the remaining portion straight away. The Hindu family is experiencing all sorts of atrocities at the moment ranging from intimidation to sexual harassment of Hindu women. Conflicts between Hindus and Muslims have risen vehemently regarding a pond of Hindus. While Muslims are trying to have it in any way, Hindus are defending best. However, they do not know how long they will be able to wage the battle.

Daughter-in-law of said Anadi Naskar was threatened of late. She was told by Muslim criminals unless her family stopped the battle, she would be kidnapped and raped in broad daylight.        

 The two Hindu families are in extreme fear at the moment. Police, in spite of repeated requests made by Hindus, has not entered the village: Khiriskhali to date. 

Hindu Samhati has assured the two Hindu families of struggling for them.   

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