Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Several Bangladeshi Muslim Infiltrators arrested in Bangaon and Barasat

People feel need of more vigilance to quell this vicious design

Despite several petitions of nationalist organizations to administration in the realm of Bengal to call this a halt, illegal infiltration of Islamists from Bangladesh to India remains unabated and what can be its real extent was witnessed following BSF’s (Border Security Force) latest bid to nab the infiltrators. All these happened on November 5, 2012 at the Petrapol border area in Bangaon, District: 24 Paraganas (North), Bengal; 23 Bangladeshi Muslims including women and children were taken hold of finally.

According to police, these infiltrators do hail from an assortment of areas in Bangladesh including Narail, Jessore, Magura, Barisal, Gopalgunj and they were presented in the Bongaon District Court on November 6, 2012. Later, owing to absence of valid documents, arrested Bangladeshi Muslims were handed over to personnel in P.S. Bongaon.

The arrest of such a large number of Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh has gladdened people in the border area; they are having a sigh of relief at the moment. Some of them feel that they can count on BSF finally.

On the same day (November 5, 2012 – Monday), P.S. Barasat, armed with a tip only, got successful in arresting 7 Muslim infiltrators (from Bangladesh) from Chanpadali area in Barasat. As per police, this group did also use Petrapol border area to enter India deviously. The majority of them do belong to District: Narail in Bangladesh and some of them are Jewel Sheikh (age 22), Shamim Biswas (age 23), Humayun Sheikh (age 22), Mizanur Mollah (age 38), Zannat Begum (age 18).

However, while talking to people in Barasat of this event, mixed feelings were found. People continue to feel that a single day’s effort can’t defeat an avalanche and as per them, there is the need to conduct more such drives (stringently, dedicatedly and regularly).

It is worthwhile to mention, successive and unchecked Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh through decades have led to massive demographic changes in the Indian state of Bengal

(A few arrested Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators)

(Infiltrators having a good time in India)

(Illegal infiltration of Islamists from Bangladesh into India) 

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