Thursday, November 8, 2012

All for Muslims in Bengal

Do Hindus exist in the state at all?

District administration in Murshidabad is gearing up to supply purified drinking water to 1801 mosques, remaining in 19 arsenic proneness blocks, and as per governmental reports, an exclusively purified (free from arsenic) water treatment set up, each costing Rs. 95, 000, will be placed at each mosque. The initial survey has already been completed and the final part will be implemented in the next month. The arsenic-free removal plant invented by Dr. T Pradip (Professor of Chemistry at IIT Chennai) will be used in this context. The project amounts to Rs. 20 crores; central government and state government will provide Rs. 15 crores and Rs. 5 crores respectively. The project is being done as part of Minority Development Sectoral Program, it has come to knowledge.

As per Subrata Mukherjee, Minster for Panchayat and Public Health Engineering in the Government of Bengal, a gigantic job worth Rs. 700 crores to render purified (free from arsenic) water in Murshidabad is going on and each and every pence of Minority Development Sectoral Program will be expended for Muslims all in all.

He and his officers have also stated publicly that water treatment plant, made by money from any minority development fund, can’t be used in any majority-dominated area. Plants can be positioned in mosques only, therefore.

Well, the Hon’ble minister is equipped with all sorts of info even if he is not unaware of the dreaded fact that districts like Murshidabad, Malda and South Dinajpur are Hindu-minority districts and with each day it passes, chances for Hindus to live there securely is getting scanty.  

What is the definition of minority? According to dictionary, it is a group of people who differ racially or politically from a larger group of which it is a part and in the said districts, Hindus are and being reduced to a hopeless minority and their temples, sacred shrines (found here and there) do remain in abject poverty, lack of infrastructure. The majority of them are on the verge of destruction.  Adi Ganga in Kalighat, Kolkata is yet to be revived.

So…………………. Hindus don’t have any option except to enjoy their fictional status of being majority in a pro-Muslim state (in every way of the term) like Bengal.  



    Islam In Undivided India For 300 Years
    Year -1710 - 1820 - 1891 - 1921/31 - 1947 - 2012.
    % -5+2 - 10+2 - 15 - 20 - 23 - 30/35.
    - -
    Nos (Crores) - 3 - - 9 -45/50

    It is just a calculation. But we have to stay with each & every Hindus , because the struggle is wide & tough. Within a few years the government will declare India as a Islamic Country & for Bengal "BRIHOTORRO ISLAMIC BANGLADESH".
    Today Hindus do not have any ideas of 1946 "Great Calcutta Killings & Noakhali(Bangladesh) incidents"... & the same is going to be, if we do not alert.

    Speaking truth " I am really missing only one person in this situation our only "Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose", because, without whom it was not possible to win the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war. ( Statement of Late: Mujibor Rahaman in a press conference in London).

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    Publication- Price rs= 150/-.

    Please Provide real brave assurances to our Hindu Mother, Sister as well as Brothers that we are there for their protection,if only they believe us & stay with us. It is our struggle for the survival of Hindus.
    Thank You.

    Subharthi Mandal
    Baruipur, (S) 24 Parganas.

  2. Boss, you are right, the survival of Hindus in Bengal is at stake. Neither the CPM nor TMC and certainly not the stooges of the Italian are well wishers of Hindus, either in Bengal or anywhere else. The tragedy of course is that even Hindus are not ready to take up the fight. It is time Bengal shuns all other parties and bring back BJP into power.