Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Barasat – safest haven for Islamist criminals

Brutal death of Hindu doctor reveals it once more

Hindu army in Barasat – best solution?  

It no longer seems only but is a reality that no administration does exist in Barasat, District: 24 Paraganas (North); it has become a safe haven for Islamist toughs where anything can be done at their will and the only job of police is to kowtow to them. The latest instance, in this regard, is the killing of Bikashbandhu Mallik (age 57) at Kadambagachi, P.S. Barasat, for daring to protest against two drunken Islamists, Jalaluddin Muhammad and Sirajul Islaam, who tried to molest a Hindu girl in broad daylight on September 3, 2012.

The problem started when the two said Muslim hoodlums entered the very area and started thrashing a woman and her daughter. As per locals, the area remains vulnerable to Islamic criminals forever and a day and the steady inactions of local police and administration happen to be their mainstay. Eve-teasing of Hindu women with attempts to molest them have become highly common in the very area these days.         

On Monday at 3.30 pm, Jalaluddin Muhammad and Sirajul Islaam, attempted to peep into the Hindu house inhabited by the Hindu woman and her daughter, student of Class XI. Following their protest against this grievous act, mother and daughter were being beaten heavily. Bikashbandhu Mallik, well-known doctor in the vicinity, to save both the women and also the situation, did intervene, followed by a heated exchange of words between them. All of a sudden, hoodlums slapped the Hindu doctor, pushed and threw him against a beetle nut tree leading to his death. Bikash Babu underwent a bypass surgery two years back and hence, he could not be saved.

Residents of the area, following the Hindu doctor’s death, got furious that led to a violent disorder. The locality had five liquor shops, patronized and visited by Islamist criminals but after the mob attack wreckage of those can only be found.  

Both Muslim killers, Jalaluddin Muhammad and Sirajul Islaam, have been nabbed by police; however, locals are yet to have the relief. The majority of them considers since Islamist crooks enjoy political and administrative patronages newer problems will emerge shortly.

The situation is such unless a strong Hindu consolidation is maintained, it is virtually impossible for Hindus to live in Barasat.  

Reason? Along with lascivious attempts on Hindu women, thefts and other terrible incidents to terrorize Hindus are rising exponentially.  Prior to the incident at Kadambagachi, earring of a middle-aged woman named Jyotshna Roy was snatched by Islamist felons on Monday at early morning. The incident occurred when she was returning to her residence from morning walk. Both her ear lobes are damaged; she is in a critical condition in the Barasat Hospital.     

What can Hindus do now to live confidently in Barasat? They have no confidence on police and hence, they expect nothing from them. Again, police in Barasat has failed (in every respect) to get Hindus’ confidence.

Should Hindus form own army to leave without fear and with dignity in Barasat? Should lynching and other punishments replace effete administration there?

We would like to hear the state government’s view. 

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  1. Say thanks to Jyoti Basu and Mamta Begum. See what they have did to Bengal.Bengali hindus always elected pro-muslim parties like LF, Cong$TMC, now reap the consequences. Bengali hindu intellectuals are themselves enemy of hindus. Learn something from states like Gujarat.