Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hospital for Muslims only in Bengal!

Islamic appeasement creates new record

What a shame!! What couldn’t be envisaged by the greatest sycophant of Islamists till the other day back is going to happen now – a saga never heard in post-1947 India to date but hell-bent to unleash its hellacious influence on posterity.

Trinamool Congress-led Bengal Government, under the aegis of its supremo Mamata (known more as Mamtaj Bano or Begum these days for her desperate efforts to institute a weird breed of communal harmony under an Islamic hijab), reigning Chief Minister, is desperate to set up an exceptional medical college and also super specialty hospital for treating people of minority community (none save Islamists) in the state. It has been learnt that the requisite land, worth 22 acres, has already been purchased –located at Bhangar, District: 24 Paraganas (South).

Can this be dreamt ever? Doesn’t the very desire defile the Constitution of India and its fundament all in all? And the question is not without reason. As far our knowledge goes, no clause in the Constitution or any directive of Supreme Court asserts ever that a medical institution can be dedicated to any particular religious community. Strikingly, even if Medical Council of India (MCI) has expressed its displeasures (regarding the same project) with strength, sources reveal that Bengal government prefers to stick to its decision.    

What’s the entire move for then? Is it to bag votes of Islamists to triumph in the impending Panchayat election in Bengal? For sure, as per political pundits, it is the sole reason. Never before this Indian politics plummeted or went down so low in worth and flaunted its helplessness so acutely.

Let’s check the views of Supreme Court. In keeping with verdict of Supreme Court of India, no hospital in the Union of India can return any patient without treatment. Moreover, Medical Council of India deems if an individual is not admitted in the aforementioned (proposed) medical institutions on religious ground, it will be a gross violation of orders of Supreme Court.

The accusation is not blown out of proportion, in any way. The statements made by Sushanta Banerjee, Director of Medical Education – Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Bengal can throw more lights on the dreaded fact. He has said to a Bengali daily conceitedly, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has taken the decision to build up such hospitals. And to survey the selected land I will go to Bhangar in next to no time.”

Minorities Development and Finance Corporation of State Government, to have permission from the Planning Commission regarding the very proposal, has already sought the DPR (Detailed Project Report) from the Public works Department. It’s a true fact.   

To manage the vast expenditure, a sum of 40 crores has already been granted from Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF). There remains a pressing need to send DPR to get money from BRGF. And to create the same report Minorities Department has sent a letter to PWD. The letter also states, “construction of Hospital and Medical College for treatment of patients of minority people in the state.”

How will the vicious planning be foiled remains to be seen.

But none imagined that Mamata, stormy petrel of change in Bengal once, could plunge such for votes of Islamists. She has lost prevision; hence the state’s gradual movement towards a civil war can’t be ascertained by her, let alone her flatterers or best buffoons.

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  1. A hospital is not a religious institution to be dedicated to a particular community. Is this the secularism we are talking about. What do Sharmila Tagores and Sagarika Ghoses say about such atrocious idea. They don't have voices for such things. Hypocrite writers and artists.