Friday, September 7, 2012

Islamic persecution on Hindus crosses all bounds in Bengal

An eyewitnesses’ account of Beledanga, Shantipur now …………

How the intensity of Islamic terror is can be ascertained once if you get into Beledanga No.1 Gram Panchayat, P.S. Krishnanagar, District: Nadia. There is no need to visit yet again because the first visit will make you realize that Hindus inhabiting the area, especially Ghoshpara, have turned into serfs of Islamists forever and a day. The area has been witnessing frictions between Hindus, original settlers in the area, and burgeoning population of Islamists of years – but the ascension of reigning Bengal government and its clamant supports on every occasion, as per Hindu villagers, has emboldened Islamists there highly.

According to them, the situation was bad for Hindus during the CPIM-rule as well but the situation now is out of the frying pan into the fire. The situation is such that any Hindu girl or woman can be abducted, assets of a Hindu individual or family can be spoiled or looted at any time – and if any Hindu dares to protest, no less than hundreds of Islamists gather before the protester in no time and persecute him or groups of Hindus even in every capacity – be it warning or severe thrashes. Hindus, being scared of all these, do not even dare to go to the nearby police station.

I happened to witness all these on September 6, 2012 when Dipak Sanyal, senior activist of Hindu Samhati, asked me to delve into the matter. What did I find, at very beginning, was the bold postures of Muslim boys in the street. They were following us and some even asked us the purpose of the sudden visit. It appeared that I was either in Pakistan or Bangladesh where Islamists control the trigger! We stated that it was a casual visit but their disbeliefs were highly apparent.

Thanks to Dipak Babu and Parsesh Babu, another warrior in Hindu struggles for decades, Hindus, one after another (even if vexed), appeared in the public temple. What made me speechless was their hesitation to narrate own agonies (initially) – well, when they realized that the visit of us was for their betterment, the floodgate crushed and what came out from it is enough to stun a great humanist and adherent of secularism even.

On the word of Dipankar Ghosh, a Hindu native at Ghoshpara, it was March, 2012 when he and his family experienced Islamic brutality. Before the happening, Dipankar’s younger brother objected a Muslim teenager’s attempt to taunt and also molest a Hindu girl. When the teenager was caught red-handed, he was slapped and warned of grave consequences in future. The boy returned soon but with a large group of Islamists, with lethal weapons, to lynch Dipankar’s brother. Getting unable to find brother (he fled already in fear), Dipankar was clutched, beaten severely. But he was not killed; he had to pledge that his brother would not get into any such act of protest. This assurance saved Dipankar’s life.

Hindu women, nowadays, do not dare to go to the streets after dusk – there is no surety of their safe return or whether they would return home ever. Islamists are holding the entire area to ransom. Whoever does protests will not be allowed to live anymore – the latest diktat of Islamists.

Which are the other issues to haunt Hindus? Cow slaughtering has become a common affair – even corpses of cows or parts of beef are found almost daily in the area. Hindus told us that even a few years back Muslims used to slaughter in their residences and cover boeuf while transporting. All these measures have vanished by now and are done overtly. It is to be noted, Muslim population in the vicinity has grown exponentially in the last decade and it contains both Islamists from Bangladesh and other states of India. Perhaps Islamists there are hell-bent to portray an Islamic consolidation that will triumph only with the physical extermination of Hindus from Beldanga.

Here is the account of Rajkumar Ghosh, an innocent Hindu cultivator. Islamists never miss a chance to harass him and often cows and goats are sent to his field to ruin the paddy. Rajkumar Babu requested his neighbors often to refrain from all these things but there was no response. When he protested in the last time and drove away goats from his field, hundreds of Islamists, alleging the injuries of animals, came to his field, destroyed it and a teenager Muslim boy slapped Rajkumar Ghosh (an aged person –60 years old) before all. Hindus had no option but to digest the insult.

As part of a nefarious design, Islamists, devoid of any legal authority, have seized a part of a Khash (direct ownership) land, alongside a thoroughfare, known as Belermath Jaoar Rasta, and has built a dargah (mausoleum). None dares to complain against these too.  

 A few days back, Jamshed Ali Mandal, owner of a brickfield, during the last Eid al-Fitr was heard to ask Muslims publicly to protest against persecution on them by Hindus in Assam and donate handsomely to forge a strong defence. He also said that there were more issues to be discussed but among Muslims only.

Police and administration, perhaps being too busy, didn’t take the harangue made publicly into consideration.     This is not any isolated incident; to be precise, Beledanga No.1 Gram Panchayat does exist in the whole of Bengal and Hindus can live in the state with dignity only if Islamists are crushed.  

Hindu Samhati happens to be the only organization to refer to these agonies in Beledanga No.1 Gram Panchayat thus far. 

(Hindus being led by Hindu Samhati at Beldanga No.1 Gram Panchayat) 

(Terrified Hindu villagers) 

(Terrified Hindu villagers) 

(Terrified Hindu villagers) 

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