Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Joynagar – Jihad continues against Hindus

The Hindus in Maya Hauri Nagar under Joynagar, South 24 Parganas, again, saw the barbaric face of Islam on 14/07/2012.

It all started at around 10:30 pm when a local Hindu Samhati worker Kaushik Sardar who was watching TV at a club, Udayan Sangha, heard a sound of bomb blast. He, along with others, peeped out of the club to find the reason but did not find anything. Later, while returning to his house, which is nearby the club, two Muslims named Saidulla Mandal & Moyna Mollah attacked him and tried to kidnap him. Friends of Kaushik protested and started shouting. Hearing this a few Hindus came out of their house and forced the kidnapper to leave Kaushik.

Saidulla Mandal & Moyna Mollah left the place only to come back with heavy Muslim force equipped with bomb, revolver and other lethal weapons with the allegation that despite repeated insistence by Muslims, family of Kaushik had not stopped the blowing of shankha (a ritual performed in the evening at every Hindu house) which was un-Islamic. Muslims took away Kaushik in their area and physically tortured him to know the details of Hindu Samhati like local contacts, programs etc. In the mean time, parents of Kaushik along with his uncle and aunty went to Muslim area with the plea to release him but it went in vein. They did not even spare the ladies and Kaushik’s mother was also beaten.  

While returning to their house, they approached the local police camp for help. In-charge of the camp reported the case to Joynagar police station. Once police reached the spot, Kaushik was thrown into the police van and astonishingly police was on the verge of going away with Kaushik without initiating any action against the culprits when more than fifty Hindu men & women reached the spot. They charged police for partisan act against Hindus and snatched away Kaushik from their custody.

The next morning local Hindus blocked the road at Joynagar in protest of police inaction. Top officials of the administration rushed to the spot and assured proper action against culprits. Later a formal complaint, supported by medical certificate issued by the hospital, was lodged at Joynagar police station by the mother of the victim vide GD No. 1753. The culprits are still roaming scot-free and Rapid Action Force (RAF) has been deployed in the area.

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