Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Islamists ransack Siakhala, Hooghly

Hindus, police beaten mercilessly

On July 5, 2012, at 11.30 pm, Islamists forayed into Siakhala market, located in Siakhala, District: Hooghly and Hindus, without a shred of doubt, happened to be first and foremost victim of this pillage.  What did help Islamists to go on with such an abrupt attack? Well, the main factor is quite apparent – it takes a 10 minutes’ walk to travel from Siakhala to Furfura Sharif, considered as mainstay behind mounting Islamic fundamentalism these days.  A Hindu youth was beaten mercilessly, in order to protest. Police was not left out as well; they too became victims of Islamic thrashing.

Now the question remains of the reasons leading to such an untoward development.

It has been learnt, on the same day, a Muslim individual, on his way from Furfura Sharif to Siakhala, was smashed by a lorry at Siakhala crossing while another individual got badly wounded. But shortly afterwards, a large contingent of Islamists, containing 10, 000 at least, rushed to the same area and without further ado, started breaking each and every (available) property of Hindus including automobiles and shops.

All, to steer clear of such violence, fled apart from Sonelal Ray, a Hindu youth, who protested against the Islamic aggression. Once he protested, Islamists encircled him and strike him heavily with all might. To recover him from Islamists’ frenzy, police personnel were also thrashed and afterwards, to save senseless Sonelal, he was taken away by police.

Nevertheless, Islamists’ warnings are unabated; it has been learnt that a final blow or strategy to compel Hindus to flee from Siakhala is being considered nowadays.

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