Saturday, July 28, 2012

Islamists molest Hindu housewife brutally in Joynagar

Muslim mob vandalizes Hindu village for protesting against Islamists   

Hindus in Bengal are amid severest danger that can be compared for sure to the days prior to the partition of India. Infinite references can be drawn from the Islamic period (remaining for around 1000 years over Hindus before the British occupation) to help people ascertain the ever-increasing Islamic danger these days but it may burden this saga only. Nevertheless the ways Hindus are becoming easy preys to Islamists, defensive measures have got be adopted – the fast it is, the better it is. And true to Muslim mindset, this time too – Hindu women remains the first and foremost victim of Islamic lecherousness or lust.

On July 26, 2012, at 11 am, two Muslim vendors (apparently to sell blankets) entered village: Sashapara (inhabited by Scheduled Caste Hindus exclusively), P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and came to the house of Purnima (name withheld), a Hindu housewife who was all alone at that time.  His husband was out because of own job.

Muslim vendors approached Purnima and requested her to have some. Even if Purnima was uncertain in the beginning, she did agree later on. When she went to her house to arrange the requisite money, the younger Islamist pounced her and tried to molest her, if not rape. Purnima tried to resist him with all might and raised an alarm as well. Hearing her desperate cries, Hindu youths from neighboring households came out and got hold of two Muslim felons soon. The duo were beaten, fastened to a tree but released afterward (following a warning) as they asked for forgiveness. Well, at this time, at 1pm, a few Islamist youths from next-door village: Bilpara came to Sashapara and thrashed some Hindu boys there. Reason? Hindu youths dared to nab two Islamists! Well, thanks to the firmness of other Hindu youths, the attack was repulsed and situation was brought under control before long.

It is to be noted that the village: Sashapara remains like a lonely island surrounded by three Muslim-dominated villages viz. Fatehpur, Golabati and Bilpara.

But the hell was yet to come. At 2.30 pm, almost two thousands of Islamists, both young and old, men and women, ravaged the Hindu village of Sashapara and all was to avenge the ill-treatments of two Muslim vendors and also the Muslim youths of Bilpara (????). The large mob of Muslims was having lethal weapons as well and hence, they got a free rein from the very beginning. Hindu properties were destroyed, Hindus were warned and humiliated; above all, Purnima was molested once more in public by Islamists containing some women too.

Police, later on, stepped in but the investigation conducted by them exhibited insincerity only.  A general diary – GDE No. 3032 at 26/07/2012 – was also registered by the police leaving Hindus fuming all in all.  

Hindu Samhati was phoned by villagers at dead night on the same day. Key activists of Hindu Samhati rushed to the spot (in the early morning) next day, on July 27, 2012, held a huge meeting there to protest against the dreaded Islamic attack and went to the police station, joined by villagers in strength, to lodge an FIR.

Even if the police was found to be a bit hesitant in the beginning, the stubbornness of Hindu Samhati made them file an FIR – Case No. 626/12 dtd. 26/07/12 – U/S (under sections) 341/354/147/148/448/427/325/506 – IPC.   

The entire village is under a heavy police protection at the moment. 



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