Friday, March 2, 2012

Hindu housewife molested by Islamist tough in Howrah

Police remains indifferent  

Atrocities on Hindus by Islamists in Bengal are in full swing and the latest in this regard happens to be the molestation of a Hindu housewife, Mrs. Rina Mandal Gonra (age 28), wife of Mr. Shital Chandra Gonra, resident of village: Birshibpur, P.S. Uluberia, district: Howrah.  The gruesome incident took place on February 24, 2012 and the assailant happens to be Sheikh Surabuddin (age 30), son of Sheikh Raizwan.  

On February 24, Rina, working as an assistant in an Anganwadi Centre under Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS), was returning from workplace at 2.30 pm. While return, she was passing by a Hindu crematorium in village: Tildanri and the Islamic assailant Sheikh Surabuddin was just waiting there for any Hindu woman or girl. As soon as Rina arrived there she was overwhelmed by the Islamist tough and was dragged to woods where she was molested repeatedly.

However, Rina was saved owing to the sudden arrival of a local Hindu boy (who went there for private purposes) there. And seeing him Sheikh Surabuddin pushed her aside and started to run away. Seeing Rina’s disastrous situation and desperate flight of the Islamist felon, the Hindu boy comprehended the reality at once and started to chase him. While running after him, the Hindu boy phoned a few others in the neighborhood and as a result, more than 100 Hindus tailed Sheikh Qutubuddin and seized him just before his entrance to own house. Surabuddin was manhandled and thrashed heavily afterwards.

To save the Islamist culprit Sheikh Raus Ali, husband of Razina Begum (local Panchayat member) and also her mentor, did appear there soon and left no stone unturned to save the culprit.  Nonetheless, the Hindu rising scared him too. But after lots of efforts he triumphed to restrain Hindus, stated that a meeting (in this regard) would take place on February 26 at 3 pm. He also asked Hindus not to lodge any formal complaint in the local police station.

Was the Hindu uprising an abrupt development?  Not in any way! This is a common feature in the area; Hindu girls and women are taunted or hassled by Islamists there almost on a regular basis. Hindus, therefore, remain unforgiving for ever and a day.   

On February 26, more than 400 Hindus went to the predestined meeting. But not a single Muslim individual, whether it was Sheikh Surabuddin or Sheikh Raus Ali or any other, was found there. When on earth Sheikh Raus Ali was phoned, he said nonchalantly that the meeting would take place in courtyard of his residence only. When Hindus, in strength, entered his residence, Raus Ali got frightened and asked the reasons behind forming such a large contingent. As per him, molestation of Rina was a minimal incident!  The fracas led to a clash and 3 Hindus were beaten by the Islamists; the meeting was also cancelled.

To save the worsening situation and also to contain rising Hindu anger, Raus phoned the local police station. Police force came soon and Sheikh Surabuddin was arrested. It was inferred later on that the entire incident happened just to ensure the physical safety of the Muslim culprit, culpable for performing the ghastly crime out of a Jihadi mindset.  

To diffuse tension, more police contingents arrived in the area before long. Police was found to state candidly that Hindus had committed a great mistake by counting on Sheikh Raus Ali and not lodging a formal FIR.

On February 27, when Hindus went to the local police station to make a formal complaint, they were rebuffed. Police, instead, asked Hindus to opt for a court complaint as per 156/3. But this is also not an easy task. Hindus, at this point in time, are considering meeting with local SDPO as the best option.

Hindus, witnessing all these, in the village and its environs are getting attracted to Hindu Samhati and its firm endeavors to establish Hindu interests and rights in the Indian state of Bengal.  

(Hindus protesting in large numbers)

(Hindus argung wih Sheikh Raus Ali)

(Injured Hindu youth - Pratap Bhoumik - age- 32)  

(Police personnel in the area) 

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