Monday, March 26, 2012

Does an Islamist have the prerogative to oppress Hindus?

Baladevpur depicts it terribly

It’s the prerogative of an Islamist to perturb (in any means) and hamper Hindus; if Hindus, as a counter-measure, get tough and teach them a lesson, Islamists will make Hindu lives dreadful – this is the newest trend in Bengal, being experienced by village: Baladevpur, P.S. Mandirbazar, Sub-division: Diamond Harbor, District: 24 Paraganas (South) – like several other areas throughout Bengal – at the moment.  

Hindu villagers of Baladevpur had been witnessing a series of thefts, enough to trouble the poor Hindu families there, for the last few months. On March 17, 2012, pump (necessary for irrigation) was stolen from the house of Mr. Dilip Haldar, leaving the whole family mournful (owing to loss of livelihood).  Mrs. Namita Haldar (mother of Dilip), on March 18, 2012, lodged a formal complaint in this regard. And as usual any approach of police to find the thief out was not perceived.

However, on March 20, at 4.30 am, Dilip and his friend Mr. Tarapada Sarkar got hold of Zahir Gazi, son of Mr. Amir Ali Gazi, on his way to sell the said pump. Once they caught him and Zahir expressed his guilt (including his earlier thefts), a few Hindus gathered there and thrashed him highly. After being beaten black and blue, he was handovered to the local police station.

The situation indeed sent a signal of danger to the neighboring Muslim village.  And to save Zahir, a few Islamists, including Abdul Khaleq Sheikh, Rahman Ali Sheikh, Naju Gazi (brother of Zahir) arrived in the Hindu village (Baladevpur) at 8.20 am; they requested Hindus earnestly to withdraw the case. Hindus, being kind enough, did respond positively and the charge was withdrawn. But Zahir was not released; he had been indicted as the main conspirator in an IPC 498 A case (Dowry law). He, contrary to the expectations of Islamists, was transferred to the court ; he got bail at 5 pm on the same Tuesday.

Islamists, then, took Zahir to a hospital (nearby) and instead of remaining grateful to Hindus of the village of Baladevpur, started to threat them of dire consequences (for insulting, harassing and beating a Muslim individual – a thief in reality). Some Hindus were also manhandled by a large contingent of Islamists straight away. Hindus, apprehending the worst, went to the police station en masse and what they observed there was no less than any wonder. They found Abdul Khaleq Sheikh, influential person in the environs and also rendering a piece of his land for a police camp, dictating terms there and also warning them of grave consequences. These would take place only if Hindus dared to lodge another complaint against mounting Islamic threats.

The entire development took place in P.S. Mandirbazar but police personnel there remained silent on the whole. Nevertheless, with the help of a police officer (name withheld), Hindus were able to lodge a complaint against the Islamic threats (GDE no.: 1352, dtd. March 23, 2012).

A temporary police camp has come to the fore in the Hindu village. But it has filed to strengthen confidence of Hindus; Islamists’ oppressions, abuses, usage of foul languages against Hindus and daily raids on the Hindu houses are going on as usual. Whenever Hindus go to the police station to express their grievances, they are provided verbal assurances only.

Hindus of Baladevpur are in abject fear these days. Their only consideration is – what will happen to them once the police camps are withdrawn?   

(Helpless Hindus in Baladevpur)

(Pump of Mr. Dilip Haldar)

(Place where Zahir Gazi was found by Hindus) 

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  1. Daily I read your blog and today it just struck me that we can win the war over Islamists in muslim dominated districts and villages by planned demographic change in those areas inorder to increase HIndu population there.
    But its a difficult task. because there are very few hindus who feel for others of their lot, as you do.
    It is just a theoretical answer. Practicality I doubt.