Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chengail High Madrasa – complete hell for Hindu teachers

The definition of madrasa is simple – it basically denotes a building or group of buildings used for teaching Islamic theology and religious law, typically including a mosque and this word, by now, has become common to the majority of Indians, if not more. And the main credit, in this regard, goes to Indian administration, firm to espouse madrasa education to authenticate its own secular credentials.

Well, the reality refuses to end here since the role of madrasa education to radicalize Muslims, to wage Jihad against infidels, across the globe is getting more and more evident. Whether it is in the West or Gaza Strip or South Asia, including India, madrasa education, owing to several recent developments, has become quite synonymous to an arsenal. However, India’s ostrich policy refuses to accept the hard reality and prefers to remain in its own secular cocoon – that’s a different issue.

But little do people know that Hindu teachers in India do also work in such madrasa s and knowledge of how they are harassed, religiously persecuted there at all times is completely zero.

One such heart-rending account from Chengail, Dist. Howrah in the Indian state of West Bengal has come to the fore. Hindu teachers, for years, are undergoing all forms of persecutions in Chengail High Madrasa (Higher Secondary) and they, finding no solution, are in despair these days. Didn’t they approach to local administration or political parties? They did but the greatest votaries of secularism didn’t heed them.

Here is a brief account of tortures on them.

In 2010, to contest in Chengail High Madrasa board’s election three 3 Hindu teachers and staff submitted their nomination papers. But this activity appeared to be audacious to Muslims in the vicinity and after being threatened of dire consequences, nomination papers were withdrawn. It was clearly declared that no Hindu could contest in the election to form new Chengail High Madrasa board. To thwart any such intention, on 12.10.2010 (day of election) Bikash Chandra Adhikary, well-known Hindu teacher, was manhandled initially and thrashed lots later on. The other Hindu teachers were slandered and beaten similarly. Even if a complaint was lodged to the then secretary of Chengail High Madrasa board, no step was adopted to ensure safety of Hindu teachers.

Muslim students are encouraged to protest against Hindu teachers and consider any lesson, not appreciated by their religious ethics, as outrageous. Parents of students are alleged to play get roles in this context. Hence, Hindu teachers have to remain fretful at every time. They know that a single caution, not to speak of slapping, against a student would let hell fall on them.

New ploys to evict Hindu teachers are being developed nowadays. Often complaints from Muslim parents that Hindu teachers waste time instead of educating their wards are lodged. Well, several investigations have already been made to find out the reality and in each case, falsity of such charges have been found out. Recently a Hindu teacher was penalized for reprimanding an inattentive Muslim girl in the class. The accusation was utterly false but teacher was compelled to give Rs. 500 as compensation and the school board remained like a dumb spectator.

On 14.07.2011, Shaktiprasad Panda, while teaching Life Science in Class X (A), cited references of worldwide acclaimed philosopher Herbert Spencer . His this act was termed as anti-Islamic at once and rabble-rousers, taking hold of the situation, forced him to stay away from the school for a week. He could attend the school again on 23.07.2011 only after expressing regret to local Muslims. What was his fault? None knows.

On 20.07.2011, regarding this incident, lots of Muslims entered school’s staff room and defamed Hindu teachers. Hindu woman teachers were not spared; they had to undergo raunchy remarks.

Hindu teachers, men and women alike, of Chengail High Madrasa are devoid of any form of security now. Worst fears that they can be thrashed violently, raped and even hacked to death or killed (in other ways) are looming the teachers in general.

Recent confession of the school secretary of his inability to save Hindu teachers has made the situation gloomier. Teachers and their families do not know what to do and are crying out in despair.

This is not an indigenous problem of Bengal only bust such incidents are afflicting whole of India ever more.

Hindus do not have any maneuver to call all these a halt.

Are you also one of these discomfited and poor-spirited people?

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  1. the muslim teachers in hindu schools must be offered the same treatment