Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hindu Samhati’s convention in Amtala earns great success

Struggle – cornerstone of Hindus

On 22 nd September, Hindu Samhati coordinated a convention at Gotalahat in Amtala under the jurisdiction of police station of Bishnupur, District: 24 Paraganas (South). It was attended by local Hindus in large numbers. The convention emphasized the need of Hindu unity at this critical juncture when a surge in Islamic fundamentalism is being witnessed in the whole of Bengal, especially in 24 Paraganas (South), regarded as the worst victim of this saga already. Apart from leaders of Hindu Samhati, several others including Krishna Maharaj of Gauriya Math, Amaresh Bhattacharya took part in the meeting. What astounded people in the dais was the spontaneity of Hindus attending the convention in throngs. The meeting was presided by Ganesh Mandal, well-known businessman in the locality.

Speaking on the occasion, whether he is Krishna Maharaj or Amaresh Bhattacharya or Ganesh Mandal even, all accentuated plights of Hindus in the district thanks to escalating tortures on them by Islamists and strange apathy of the reigning administration to it. Each single incident demonstrates how Hindus in the whole district, let alone other areas, are being victimized and if Hindus get victorious out of the blue ever, it is turned into a pyrrhic victory. Both administration and Islamists maintain a strong liaison in this regard and their ultimate aim is to break up the Hindu consolidation, their morale leading to exodus. Unless this is checked, Hindu population in 24 Paraganas (South) will cease to exist soon and a Hindu-free land will entice foes of Dharma to use this territory as a fort to strengthen their grievous design of  exterminating Hindus racially.

Both Bikarna Naskar and Somraj Ganguli, senior leaders of Hindu Samhati, narrated their own experiences of taking on Islamists directly and even hand-to-hand confrontation with them to save Hindus. Exemplifying a few incidents, they messaged the gathering unless Hindus fight, there is no hope. Hindus have to devote themselves to struggle and wherever (and whenever) Hindus fight against injustice and threat of Muslim radicals decisively, victory remains with them only.

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