Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Steer clear of Hindu Samhati

One sharp, stern struggle, and the slaves of centuries are free - George Massey 

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable - John F. Kennedy

No matter how much omnipotent can a regime be, it cedes to the power representing people ultimately. This has been the guiding principle for all generations but contemporary Bengal administration is yet to comprehend it and hence, it is busy to hound and despoil Hindu Samhati, known for its glaring role in monitoring and reporting violations against Hindus in the state. Ever since its formation, there have been relentless state government-sponsored attacks on it and horrific developments in Rajbari, under the jurisdiction of Sandeshkhali in South 24 Paraganas district, of late bring to light what Hindus are going through.

 Following the visit of a team of Hindu Samhati to the abovementioned area and its neighborhood on December 17, 2013, local administration, instigated by Islamists, lost no time to both terrorize and penalize Hindus in the area. Even if Hindu Samhati’s team members during the visit were surveiled by Muslim youths, it was hard to imagine then that more problems were awaiting local Hindus. Amoy Bhunia or Gora, a decent Hindu youth in Rajbari, was arrested out of no reasons and a large contingent of police along with RAF was deployed to foil any effort to release him.  When a large number of local Hindus, defying all oppressions, built up a peaceful protest against the detention, police and RAF lathicharged 1000 of them brutally and as per reports, it was done under the instruction of Shahjahan Sheikh, highly influential leader of Trinamool Congress in the locality – infamous and worked as a reliable crook of CPIM till a few months back. No less than 11 Hindus including 5 women were arrested. One of them was Rumpa Bhunia and owing to police attack, she suffered several injuries. Nevertheless, daring struggles of Hindus made police release the detainees ultimately.

But it was not all as on the next day police, in the dead of night, forayed No. 14 Baghmari village and arrested Ramchandra Sardar and Babusona Sardar. But this also turned out to be a failure for police only as they were snatched by Hindus in the midway. Hindu women in strength were present in the mob and used jharu or broom to teach police and administration a strong lesson.   

Is this a new beginning for passive Hindus? Perhaps it is and with the increase of oppressions on them, resistances will also become harsher – it can be said without doubt. 

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