Sunday, October 21, 2012

Islamists molest Hindu housewives brutally at Joynagar

Another gruesome incident exhibiting Islamists’ lust for Hindu women took place on September 11, 2012 at village: Dakshin Bele Durganagar, P.S. Joynagar, District: 24 Paraganas (South).

Two Hindu women, Sabita Halder (age 35), wife of Baburam Halder, and Malina Sanpui (age 40), wife of Nidhar Sanpui, were passing through the village road at 2 pm. While both of them were busy in chatting and walking, three Islamists – Momin Laskar, son of late Kader Laskar, Shahadat Laskar, son of Momin Laskar, and Hasanur Jamal (Koche), son of Momin Laskar, started teasing them with filthy languages.

But the Hindu women, ignoring these nasty remarks, went ahead. And considering this act as intransigence, three Islamists pounced down on them. They attacked, made best efforts to ravish modesty of these two Hindu women but couldn’t get success due to desperate resistance of the two. Nevertheless, both of them were molested highly.

Meanwhile, they raised an alarm hearing which Hindus from adjoining houses rushed to the spot and witnessing the vigor of Hindus coming towards them, the Muslim attackers fled for life.

The brutal attack shocked the Hindus and owing to their persistence (as police remains indifferent in such cases usually), a General Diary was filed at P.S. Joynagar.

The three Islamists and their compatriots, later on, became aware of all these developments and started to warn Hindus of dire consequences if not the General Diary was withdrawn. However Hindus stayed firm and to save the two Hindu women victims, Hindu youths started patrolling staving off another Islamic attack.

The situation was such that it was no longer possible for Hindus to remain content with a simple General Diary. With this end in view and also to pressurize the administration to work fast and nab the said Islamists before long, a FIR 901/12 dated October 16, 2012 was registered at P.S. Joynagar. The complaint was made by Sabita with complete support of Malina.

What has been found, police is yet to act; tension prevails the village highly. 

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  1. Hindu men should do the same thing to Muslim women. This will create deterrence.