Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hindu Samhati vows to make Hindus enjoy Durga Puja

Poor Hindus get new clothes in Amraberia, Howrah

Hindu Samhati, being the true leonine warrior, does not fight for Hindus only but carries out its social responsibility to common (or impoverished or underprivileged) Hindus at same time also.  Every year, during Durga Puja, it takes up the cudgel of responsibility to make all Hindus enjoy the Puja.   

With this end in view, like earlier years, this year too Hindu Samhati, under the aegis of its president, Tapan Ghosh, has been found to distribute new clothes among people in the lowest strata of the society. Many may ask of the government’s performance in this regard. How can it be ever? These people, however poor they are, do happen to be Hindus and hence, they fail to have any sort of generosity of either political bigwigs or even government.

The auspicious event took place on October 16, 2012 at village Amraberia, Block: Bagnan block, District:  Howrah, dominated by “Barga Kshatriya” Hindus.

No less than 100 poor people got new clothes.

What can be a greater Puja other than making Hindus happy? 

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