Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Communal Tensions Flare Up in Katwa, Burdhwan District

Communal Tensions Rise in Katwa After Muslims Abuse Hindus in Durga Puja

During Durga Puja (Socio-Religious festival of Bengali Hindus), Oct 16,2010 (Nabami-ninth day) night several Muslims youth gathered in front of a Palita Road Puja Mandap (Hindu religious altar) and used abusive and condescending language against Hindus and the Hindu faith in presence of the police. The mandap is near Katwa railroad station in Katwa town (Police Station is Katwa in Burdhwan District of West Bengal). Ujwal Das, a Hindu devotee approached the police personnel and tried to draw their attention to this act by the disturbing elements. The Muslims got upset and started youths started beating Mr. Das. Communal tensions went up in the area. Later a few Hindu youths beat up a Muslim man who they identified as one of the Muslims who were abusing the Hindus at their religious program.

A few days later, some milkmen of the Ghosh community were coming through a Muslim area after distributing chana (curdled milk) in Kesia. The Muslims abused them and started a chaos regarding parking. The concerned Hindus were seriously attacked, they randomly hit back to escape from the spot. This escape by the Hindus made the Muslims furious and one of the local religious Muslim criminals named Johny made a visit to Hindu area; the Hindus naturally anticipated that he was there for inspection and strategizing for a well planned attack on the Hindu area, Bandra. The Hindus caught him, took him into a house and beat him black severely. This is the reporting recieved so far by HS activists in the location. Area is still tensed and RAF (Rapid Action Force) has been deployed.

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  1. hindus must not be frightened and hit back hard