Friday, October 8, 2010

Bajrangbali Banned in Bengal

Mr. Prashanta Das, a Hindu businessman and resident of Chingripota, near Budge Budge, Kolkata had an unwanted stranger on August 14, 2010, Officer in Charge, Mr. Rajiv Sharma of BojBoj Police Station. The item of contention was a statue of Hindu icon Lord Hanuman on the gate of the businessman's house. The newly appointed officer visited Mr. Das' house without any notice and threatened him for allegedly provoking the local devout Muslims and hurting their religious sentiments by having this deity.

The police officer further stated that the Muslims who were coming to offer namaz (Muslim prayer) complained that “to see this Hindu idol while doing Namaz is anti-Islam and blasphemous and should be immediately brought down”. (The mosque where the Muslims pray is next to the Das residence and is built illegally on a plot of land which was illegally confiscated from the Das family by the Muslim fanatics). Hence, the officer repeatedly insisted that statue had to be altered, faced inside or taken down.

After listening to this, Mr.Das was speechless, did not know how to react to such an outrageous insane complaint and that too coming from a senior Police officer.

Mr. Das stated that “Pavan putra Hanuman may appear as an eyesore to the local Muslims but in our family, He is our revered family deity and we respect Him supremely; As part of our religious freedom and right, we installed the statue on my place, on my residence. I did not illegally occupy any body's land and install it”. Mr.Sharma was very angry hearing such straight-forward reply and gave Mr. Das an ultimatum that "Either you cover the statue or remove it immediately otherwise I will be pressing criminal charges against you.” Mr. Das told Mr. Sharma, "I will not remove the statue because this deity is on my property and I have, as a citizen, every right to put anything on my property and no body can stop me doing that”

Prashanta Das has sought the direct help of Hindu Samhati to retain the statue of Lord Hanuman in his home. Hindu Samhati is providing legal and logistical help to ward off the threat from the police administration which is itself turning into an instrument of the local Islamists.

Hindu Samhati requests readers to write to their local Member of Parliament (MPs), and Member of Legislative Assembly (MLAs), and the maistream media to stop their Islamic appeasement policy, and prevent discrimination against Hindus in Bengal. Please write to us for more information on this issue.

Village: Chingripota
P.O. Rameshwarpur
Police Station: Budge Budge, Calcutta 700140
(near Batanagar), District s 24 Pargana....
West Bengal, India


  1. really very bad situation in WB. Excellent work by samhati

  2. It's simple: either you have power or you don't. Injured innocence will not do anymore.

  3. This is ridiculous..

    First - an illegal mosque.
    Second - the land belongs to the person who was threatened.
    Third - the threat is coming from a spineliess Hindu (of course there is a Muslim power broker behind it).

    Somewhere we Hindus needs to draw a line - Lakshman rekha - where is it going to be?

  4. Under the constitution a case must be put up against the individual officer for threatening a lawful citizen.
    The officer must be thoroughly investigated & interrogated as to his involvement & reasons for his action taken against Mr. Sen.
    Let the law take its own course!
    Has any case been filed by Mr. Sen against Illegal occupation of his property? If not, the same must be done as well!

  5. Atrocious! It is his property. It is infringement of one's constitutional rights.

  6. well if we dont protest we, will be soon wiped pout and converted to islam either by force or sword!
    stop this islamic threat to india!

  7. This is a message to all Hindus to unite and stand against the anti-Hindu activities of the Govt and the minorities. If we dont act now, we will soon be wiped out from our motherland.

  8. VOTE BJP in WEst Bengal polls 2011..
    Hell is waiting for hindus if Trianmool wins..

    Join and support hindu Samhati...

    See this 500 Hindu homes destroyed/Temples Vandalised in Deganga ,WB STILL NO MEDIA reported
    Deganga Attack pics

  9. It is unbelievable that in his own country and in his own house, Mr. Das is not free to worship god Hanuman and is being threatened by a government officer for this. This is the limit of anti-Hinduism. Where are those pseudo-secular intellectuals and human-rights activists who always talk about freedom of expression.

    This is part of a conspiracy to turn whole west-Bengal into a Muslim dominant state. The govt. is silent (in fact supporting such elements) for sake of Muslim vote-bank.

  10. Enough is enough , we are getting treated like pet dogs in our own country :| if its not giving us equality then screw give us Sanatan believers our country back ... a country only for hindu, sikhs, jains and buddists . no crap allowed by stupid vote bank seeker politics .. hail AARYA REBELLION


  12. Let me know the number of Police officer and TMC local leader’s #, of the locality I'll talk to them. We (united Hindu force in Bengal) alone cannot swipe the WB assembly poll in 2011 but our 7 to 10 % vote bank can tilt the result in favor of any Block. So if TMC wants to come in power in 2011 they cannot ignore us, they have to promise that they will help us and will work for the Hindus and for the justice. Otherwise we will shift the vote towards Left front and Didi’s Dream to be the CM will be Dream for ever.


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    Read hanuman chalisa to get rid of any obstacles.

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