Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shivani – Hindu housewife – victim of Islamic, police persecution

This is the report of Mrs. Shivani Sanpui, a hapless Hindu woman who became victim to brutal police repression at P.S. Basanti, District: 24 Paraganas (South), of late. She, as per latest information, owing to severe wounds, has been admitted to Canning Subdivision Hospital and according to Dr. Indrajit Sarkar, superior physician of the very hospital, several parts of Shivani including the private ones have been ravaged extremely. She is in a critical condition there yet.

Shivani is a submissive Hindu housewife and lives along with her husband and son (age 10) in village: Tentultala, P.S. Basanti, District: 24 Paraganas (South). Her husband, Ranjan Sanpui, is a day-laborer; hence, he has to live in Kolkata. Exploiting the same situation, Islamists are leaving no stone unturned to perturb Shivani and her family. She had a run-in with her Muslim neighbors like Amin Mollah, Gafur Mollah and Momin Mollah regarding use of pond’s water a few days back.

On February 02, 2013, Shivani was abused and assaulted by same Islamists (over the same issue) but when she went to P.S. Basanti to lodge a formal complaint, Shivani was snubbed there outright. Such an act of police bolstered Muslim radicals; it’s aftermath became evident when Shivani’s son Adyaswar, while returning from school, was thrashed by Amin Mollah and his accomplices brutally.     

Ranajan Sanpui, after his return from Kolkata, went to P.S. Basanti to lodge complaint against Amin Mollah,  Momin Mollah and Gafur Mollah for thrashing his son. Shivani accompanied her as well. But at this time too Abdul Khaleque, Sub-Inspector – P.S. Basanti, remaining loyal to universal Islamic brotherhood, refused to accept the complaint. When the Sub-Inspector was asked of the reason behind rejection, he both abused and imprisoned Ranjan. This was followed by a grievous development; Shivani was beaten hollow by Abdul Khaleque and when she asked for mercy, she was beaten more. Abdul Khaleque, S.I – P.S. Basanti, did wreak havoc on her private parts even unhesitatingly. Ailing Shivani was then shifted to Canning Subdivision Hospital and she is in a critical condition there still.

What was the motive behind Abdul’s beastly attitude to Shivani? During the squabble between Shivani and Amin, Momin and Gafur on February 02, 2013, she was not thrashed only but was molested also. But she was snubbed in P.S. Basanti while trying to file an official complaint as Abdul Khaleque had already been convinced by Amin and his gang that he was a Muslim before anything or a police officer.

All these indicate that Abdul Khaleque was ready to beat Shivani hollow and the horrific incident on February 23, 2013 (torment of Shivani) was its culmination. Moreover Abdul Khaleque abused Shivani stating, “You are from Scheduled Caste, low caste; none is there to save you from me.”

What conclusion can be drawn from here? Bengal is being overpowered by a precarious Islamic design steadily but there is simply no end to fantasize the notion of secularism. If the incident of Shivani Sanpui fails to make us conscious, more such will follow soon.

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  1. FACTS: true muslim never believes in "government of people", but only "government of one god" and for being a true muslim u should stick to ur KALMA: THERE IS NO OTHER GOD BUT if a man is secular and respects other faiths he cannot be a true muslim..must watch.Late shri Mohammad Anwar Shekh's words of wisdom& revelation(TITLE OF VIDEO IS MISLEADING). … …